THE Helix Dongle Programming Rental Thread -- Part 2


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The old thread was getting long, so I'm starting a new one & a slightly lower price too:)
I've been handling this for almost a year now & over 100+ people have used it....we've had no issues.

I'm gonna keep it simple:

You pay me $12 to rent it, along with a $100 deposit (via PayPal as a gift, please) = $112 total, up front.
I give your info to the person currently borrowing it and they ship it to you.
You use it, in a timely manner.
I give you the next person's information & you pay shipping to the next person (prefer that it's USPS Priority with $100 of Insurance & TRACKING in a small flat rate box)....which is ~$10.
Once the next person receives it, you get your $100 deposit back from me.

So all in it'll cost you ~$22 to rent it.
I prefer to keep this to the lower 48/US, since it would obviously cost more to ship to Canada (sorry guys) screwing someone over.

Why a deposit? Well a lot of people with no or not many posts are wanting it and it's to cover the community's butt so that we can still have this "gig" going.

I will keep the list updated below...

Here's the order to date:
andrey — Paid — Has the Programmer & done with it;
austigon — Paid

If you want to get on the list, send me a PM with all your info to get it coordinated.
I will mainly be handling replies at night when I'm at work (midnight shift) bear with me.
But please be prompt in your replies or I will go to the next person on the list.

**And also be courteous in regards to shipping it to the next user, please**
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Current file list:

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I'd like to rent it. Will this work with the B revision Helix? Been having issues with it since install.


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Hey, how's it going, can you sign me up? Yes, I made this account just for the dongle! I'm amazed people still renting because I figured that the B variant is supposedly preset for GTI. Anyways just got mine done, sound is a little wonky (already turned down the gain screw because it was too punch) but highs are still very harsh at times. Hoping the programming is my savior.

Sood is good but it could be better.

Please sign me up for this train! Thanks!

Let me know if you need more info, thanks!