Tell me about Kansas City (And surrounding areas)

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Long story short, gonna wind up driving through Kansas to get to Tenseness on our road trip and figure I wanna stop somewhere around that area for the night, mainly because I've never been there and because why not

For local's in and around the area, what would you tell me if I were a relative or friend coming to visit, is it a safe area or naw?

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Stay in Overland Park or leawood, adjoining suburbs in the KC metro area. In Ks, but right on the state line. Upscale and safe.
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i'm probably too late to contribute to this for the op particularly, but for anyone else looking at this later, here's info...

I personally don't like the typical chain feel of American suburbs (ironic as I live in one now), so I'd never recommend overland park or leawood unless you're looking for something plain and equal to any american suburb. Granted, Rye in leawood is now one of my favorite places to eat, and in my opinion the best food that area has to offer.

If you're looking for a downtown vibe, there are great hotels in the power and light area and crown center. That area also has some of the best food in the entire country. Cleaver & Cork, Jacobson, and many others. Open table is pretty accurate for this. I've stayed at the Sheraton at crown center and even put up my entire family there before. Very clean hotel. The President is a cool/unique hotel, but a bit older.

If you want more of a party vibe, west port is great (some people claim it's dangerous, but i have never had that experience, and in the past 4 years the area has changed entirely). At night on the weekends, you can't beat that area for a "going out" kinda thing.

If you want a shopping type area with areas to walk around shops, the Plaza is nice, albeit a bit expensive.

If you want something out of the way but with great food options, and a more urban eclectic vibe, Prairie Village is the place to go. One of the best French restaurants in the country is there (Cafe Provence), and the entire village area is pretty nice, but kinda small.

The rivermarket area is great from spring to fall on the weekends, and attracts fairly large crowds for the farmer's market and food in the area.

If you want the KC BBQ experience, KC Joe's (used to be Oklahoma Joe's and more cafeteria style) was rated #1 in the country at one point and Jack Stack BBQ is always consistently good for a sit down experience. Jack Stack can be a bit heavier, though. I've been to Q39 half a dozen times or so, and outside of their outstanding sausage, the rest of the food is great. For brisket or a sit down meal, I wouldn't choose Q39 over others for a KC first timer, but I would never discount them as great food.