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I just installed neuspeed Rse12 18x8 with 235 pilot sport cups and had rubbing on bottom out. Didn't like the feel either. Dropped to 225 and rub gone and turn in sharper. I like weight too. Lighter unsprung weight is always a performance plus.

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I came across a good deal on a tire I'm interested in but I don't expect to burn through my current tires for at least a year. Will an extreme performance summer tire's performance degrade if it sits in my garage for a year?


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This might be a stupid question, but I'm a noob to car aftermarket parts (pretty savvy with a bike). If the MK7 GTI has an 18x7.5 OEM wheel size and I get an 18x8 aftermarket wheel will this make the rim stick out further or extend inward under the car more but look like stock from the outside? Do I need to order any spacers or other accessory parts to make an 18x8 bolt up like a stock rim? I'm trying to keep my car as simple and stock-ish as possible but the selection of 18x8 wheels is definitely better than 18x7.5.


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Got a little tipsy and ordered new wheels and tires but forgot to log it for *******. Order number is BT31514 thanks!


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I've been ordering tires from the TIRE RACK since the days of the paper catalogs and 800 number. So been a long wile and plan on ordering my Konis from the Tire rack soon. Good company IMO.


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My one issue with Tire Rack is that I can't search wheels by size and bolt pattern, only by car.

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Does Tire Rack ship to Canada?

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I really like them.
I need to look at them close to see how they are wearing .
Had alignment corrected prior to install of the new tires so hope they are good.
I do not look at inside edge enough up front to monitor.
My prior tire wore the fronts early due to pigeon toe alignment.

They are not the best regarding grip but are still good and for the cost, very good.
I think they are a good every day summer tire. Some have tracked this tire and think there are better but for auto X hard to beat price and wear. The best tires I have had on my GTI are the Bridgestone RE-11 tires. They had more grip than the car could out perform in stock form. Only issue they do not sell them anymore. RE71R is the replacement but is more of a track tire as they carry a rain warning.

I think Bridgestone S-04 PP is a new tire to help replace RE-011 from a non track standpoint.
I would like to one day try the Firehawk all season tire to run in the winter.