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I'm happy to annouce that The Tire Rack is now sponsoring this wheels and tires forum. I'm happy because as many of you might already know its a great company that has, at least for me, always given me top level service. We've added a banner link to tire rack from the forum and I'll drop a link down below.

If you do any shopping from tire rack, please click through from the links on our site before you do the shopping, it helps us keep GolfMK7 alive!

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I love Tire Rack....the selection, the prices....but I had a very bad experience having tires mounted at a local Goodyear tire place. This was back around 2002, when I purchased tires from Tire Rack and had them installed at this local "participating" tire store. First, they seemed very pissed that I had not purchased tires from them. They treated me indifferently and it took a long time to do the work. But worse, about a month after this I was changing the oil (1998 Passat, V6, 5-speed...great car!) and did some routine checking and saw that not one but BOTH CV boots were spewing grease....and the car only had about 65,000 miles on it!!! Upon further inspection, I noticed that these boots were both slit very jagged break in that rubber, no Sir, the split on each started with a very clean cut, almost like someone (hmmmm, who?) took a razor or a box cutter and helped make it happen.

Now, you might call me a conspiracy theorist here, but I recalled when I left the tire store the guy made a point of telling me they did all kinds of service there, including CV joint replacement. I'd bet my house on the fact that they slit my boots and was hoping they'd have me in there for repairs, or if not then they had the satisfaction of getting revenge on my for not purchasing my tires there.

I did not confront them on this, because I know how that goes. I just made a rule for myself that I would only buy complete tire/wheel packages from Tire Rack, rather than trying to take advantage of their great prices on tires but having to deal with a local shop on the mounting/balancing who might or might not be peeved that they didn't make a tire sale.

Anyone else have a bad experience like this?


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I was wondering if there's a way to see what's in stock at a tirerack distribution center? I'm in MN and I'd like to just pick up my order but some of the stuff I want isn't available at the distribution center.


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Just got my winter rim and tire set from tirerack delivered to the house last week. I called Sonny and he helped me get the proper setup for my MK7 and for my wife's CRV as well. Great experience and excellent customer service from Sonny! I'll post some pics in a month or so when on the car. Thanks again Sonny!


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I found a datasheet on Enkei's website and have marked the line item I believe to be for the Golf R.

I assume the PART NO. Stock Code column is for the wheel and the Cap # column is for the center cap?
Sonny, as of yesterday Tirerack no longer lists the wheel marked above for the Mk. 7 Golf. Is this correct?

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