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Strange noise when slowly accelerating in 1500-1800 RPM Range [AUDIO SAMPLE]


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Strange noise that consistently happens on light acceleration from 1500 -1800 RPM range. Will happen while in gear, in neutral, or when the clutch is engaged. Will also occasionally happen at higher RPMs with a louder higher note/frequency while driving. 2017 SE w/ Manual Transmission.

Listen to the audio here (weird noise starts at 1-2 seconds in) -->

Thoughts? My guess is maybe something with the turbo? Car has just over 30,000 miles, but it has been doing this starting around 20,000 or so. Seems to be more frequent now. No apparent loss of power or functionality.

Thanks for your time!


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UPDATE: Changed both the transmission and VAQ (performance pack) differential fluid and the noise is gone! Not sure which one fixed it, but I would assume the VAQ differential pump was the culprit.