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Strange intermittent problem with the exterior lights


New member
Atlanta, GA
I have a 2017 GTI MK7 SE and yesterday a really strange thing happened with the lights. When I cranked the car in the morning, four different exterior lights were not working. Left low headlight, left front turn, right front running light, right rear brake light. The infotainment system showed the errors, and I confirmed that all four lights were actually out. That evening I cranked the car again, and all of the lights were working properly. No errors were showing in the infotainment system. This morning all of the lights were also working properly. Do I have a fuse that is melted but not blown, or a bad wiring harness, or a bad light switch, or a slowly dying battery? I don't know where to start, and I feel that my dealer in Atlanta GA will just tell me that everything is fine because the lights are all currently working.