stock 18inch 2016 gti austin rims and pirelli tires for sale


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atlanta, georgia
hey guys,
I own a 2016 mk7 gti and I'm trying to buy some new rims for gti, but before that I am trying to get rid of my stock rims and tires. currently, they have just over 1k miles on them. keep in mind that my gti is my daily driver so the mileage on them will increase, but not too drastic. the rims are in great condition! no curb rashes or anything! if you would like to check them out please refer to my instgram page ( . I tried to post the pictures on here, but the resolution was to high. I am trying to sell them as a set not separately. I looked around for others pricing and I came to $1,350. please inform me if price is to low or high. thank you and please email @