stg 1 mk7.5 gti vs Tesla model 3 (base)


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They're dig machines, thats it. The suspension and steering on the dual motor long range I drove was surprisingly good though.

This a thousand times over.

"cheap" is what I think of their interiors from what I've seen. There are some nice gimmicks, but past the initial fanaticism, they feel more like a mid 2000s Honda accord. Not bad quality at all, but not the "luxury" brand they claim to be. The paint finish and mismatched panels are fun to point out to Tesla fanbois though. They take it so seriously 😅


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Last autocross, there was a model 3 awd. Don't know if it was the performance, but the professional class cayman and camaro ss 1le were in the 40.5s range. Tesla was 39.9. There were only 3 cars faster, a Stalker and 2 race prepped 260/280z


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My buddy’s m3p ran 11.3 @116 all day long when we took it to the track this summer. Just went to back over the weekend and he was still 11.4 in less than ideal conditions (45*). They run better in warmer conditions (cold batteries =bad) and performance falls off the further away the get from 100% charged.

Ive read they do high 130s in the half mile. Comparing event to event is tough but that’s on pace with a stage 2 golf r.