Stage 1 034Motorsport Tuning for 1.8T EA888.3 Powered Volkswagen Golf, Sportwagen, and Alltrack Now Available at 20% Off for A Limited Time!


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Available for a limited time only, Save 20% on Dynamic+ Performance Software for the EA888.3 1.8T-equipped MK7/7.5 Volkswagen Golf, Sportwagen, Alltrack, and 8V Audi A3! Generate up to 261 Horsepower and 322 FT-LB of torque to reduce your 0-60 by up to 3 seconds today without compromising overall vehicle drivability and reliability!

Stage 1 Dynamic+ Performance TCU Software for DQ250 equipped models further enhances the shifting and acceleration of your DSG equipped 1.8T! Flashed directly through your vehicle’s OBD-II port, 034Motorsport’s proprietary calibrations for the DQ250 TCU safely and effectively optimize operation for Stage 1 Dynamic+ Performance ECU Software.

For a limited time, grab our newly released ECU & TCU software at 20% off for a limited time! Sale ends May 31st.

Dynamic+ ECU Software is compatible with DQ250 DSG, 6MT Manual, and Aison AQ250 transmission equipped vehicles. See the product page for a full, in-depth breakdown of the key optimizations that the 034Motorsport Calibration team implemented in this full tuning bundle.

  • Stock: 179 HP / 211 TQ
  • Stage 1 87: 214 HP / 272 TQ
  • Stage 1 91: 230 HP / 291 TQ
  • Stage 1 93: 238 HP / 301 TQ
  • Stage 1 E85: 261 HP / 322 TQ

ECU Flash Features:
  • Calibrations Available for 87, 91, 93, and E85 Octanes. (AKI)
  • Increased Horsepower & Torque Throughout the Powerband
  • Improved Power Delivery, Acceleration, and Driving Characteristics
  • Refined Throttle Mapping for Enhanced Throttle Response & Precision
  • Modified Thermal Management Safety Strategies
  • Fuel System Optimization for Ethanol
  • Accurate Boost and Torque Reporting for Safety Features
  • Speed Limiter Removed for Increased Top Speed
  • Launch Control Strategy Optimizations
  • Turbo Safety Strategies for Performance at High Elevation
  • Flashed Directly Via the Factory OBD-II Port

TCU Flash Features:
  • Shift Speeds Increased
  • Optimized Shift Points in Drive & Sport Mode
  • Increased DSG Clutch Clamping Force
  • Improved Responsiveness
  • No Kickdown Downshifts in Manual Mode
  • Launch Control Enabled on All Models
  • Gear Display Indicator on MFD Enabled in All Driving Modes
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