Squeak when changing driving modes


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I have an interesting sound I'm trying to diagnose. I noticed that if I change my driving mode to Race mode, while I'm driving, there's an intermittent squeak, almost sounds hydraulic or metallic. I can't tell if it follows any particular pattern, maybe on or off throttle. I hear it more at low speeds, but that could just be because it's muted by wind noise and exhaust sounds while cruising.

My experience has been that if I start the car in race mode I don't hear this noise.

Anyone else experience anything similar?


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It's probably your exhaust valves. I've heard them squeak on brand new RS3s. lol

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It's probably your exhaust valves. I've heard them squeak on brand new RS3s. lol
I agree. I coded them open; problem solved. They started squeaking early on. I borescoped them to find out which one(s). I first wrapped the scope with Saran wrap to keep it from being coated with carbon. I attached the long hose from throttle body cleaner to WD-40, rubber-banded it to the head of the scope and got it into position. I sprayed the crap out of it. The squeak came a month later, so I gave up. We're long used to the mild drone. Good engineering, poor execution. We don't miss the "quiet" and have yet to be stopped by the man. Even my wife is cool with it. It's much quieter than the high-performance cars we owned in the 70's.


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I sure hope that your squeak isn't because of this: