Sports vs Drive Modes


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Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
Most options are software tweaks and a little button addition here and there...

I too wanted them to fit the folding mirrors or the whole mirror pack as I received my car in October 2013 when the folding mirrors weren't on the car and they said no saying they have to change a lot of things like control units and what not. I even said that I was willing to pay. Basically they weren't bothered.

Its annoying that my old mk6, middle option had folding, electric mirrors, with the reverse dip(plus camera) and the Mk7 "Full Option" did not. The mk7 base and middle don't have options like the MK6 did. Back then the only difference between middle and top was leather seats!

Either way they remove options to keep the price down. A fully loaded GTI will cost about AED 150K which is more than a base R so that would kind of explain it. Still, i'd rather have folding mirrors and maybe DCC instead of the redundant Heated seats (winter pack) and Auto Park. Both useless in this country honestly. I've never actually used the auto park feature to park, only to mess with people and to wow the friends who wanted me to show them. :p

I also emailed them asking to retrofit options like dcc, acc, folding mirrors, sat nav & lane assist stuff and they said its not possible, even the voice command they said i need to change the whole control unit WHAT!! I felt they're kinda lazy/stupid, although some of those options are easily retrofitted in Europe. I received my car after 3 months when I booked it, I wish I specially ordered it instead, but anyways its a marvellous car, just needs a tune but not now :D