Spark Plugs for APR Stage 2?


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So my question is what plugs should I be running for APR stage 2? On APR’s website it recommends to run NGK R7437-9. If you look at older posts I think APR use to recommend series 8 but now saying 9. But I also found this posted on the VWVortex forum last year (Feb. 28 2017) by an APR employee. A little confused.

We use the NGK R7437 9 for Stage 3 and racing applications. You can use the 8's at stage 1 / 2 for street applications.

I daily drive my car and maybe 2 or 3 track days a year.
So which plugs?
1. NGK R7437-8
2. NGK R7437-9
3. R7 plugs

Thank you

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My APR tuner just changed my plugs to the RS7 while the car was in for service. He said it was APR's current recommendation for my Stage 2 tune.
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Bumping this, I contacted APR support and was emailed this reply, which matches their website's current recommendation:

APR recommends using colder heat-range spark plugs (Ex: NGK-R7437-9), properly gapped to a tighter gap (Ex: 0.024" ±0.002" or 0.6mm ±0.05mm), properly installed and torqued (Ex: Per the manufacturers specifications), and maintained with a shorter changer interval (Ex: 10,000-15,000 mi or 16,000-24,000 km).

I replied: Just to be certain, I'm Stage II+ on my 2016 MKVII, should I replace my plugs with:

NGK 06K905601M (RS7 plugs)?

He emailed back:

NGK-R7437-9 gapped to 0.024

While all of these options are likely fine to run with, the latter is their official recommendation.

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I just ordered these (NGK-R7437-9) from Rock Auto @ $28.99 ea. I'm currently running NGK-R7437-8 for about the last 15K miles. I doubt I'll notice a difference going to the slightly cooler plug.


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I think I’m going to change them out for stock plugs when I get home from this trip from TN to PA. It’s been idling kinda funny. Like it’s gonna stall... but the tach doesn’t move to reflect what I’m feelin in the seat... I’m is20, JB4 map 6 and (soon) downpipe. Worth going to the RS7 plugs?