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The time has (finally) come to part ways with these. I tried to get rid of them last year but couldn't convince myself, but I need the space for a new set of autox wheels this time around. These have been bulletproof for the last 6 years, and IMO the best looking OEM wheels from VW.

See full imugr album here.

Here's the general rundown:
-All of the wheel front faces are in pretty good condition. One has a small chip on the outer edge (image #2), they all have some black marking around the bolt holes from the plastic covers being removed / reinstalled (image #4), and one has a small chip near the bolt hole (image #6).

-Most of the wheels have scratches on the back faces from being set down on hard surfaces at shops (image #9 and 10). They also have some scratches on the barrel from either slipping in a tire machine or from an incompentent shop trying to scrape off wheel weights (images #12, 14, 15, 17). Most if not all of these can't be seen from the front of the wheel.

-3 of the 4 wheels have ~.135" tread left to the wear bars, and one has ~.150". The one with .150" was a tire that was replaced in May due to a screw in the old one. I had the replacement shaved down (from new) from tirerack to match the existing ones. The tires on the rims are 225/40-18 General G-Max RS. They've been a great summer / highway cruiser tire.

I'm looking to get $550 for the whole set. If I had the space I'd be stripping / powdercoating these, and I think the price would allow someone to do the same if they wanted.