SOLD For Sale DSC Sport Suspension Controller

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The DSC controller is suitable for Golf 7 and 7.5, for cars equipped with DCC.
I am selling the controller and the USB cable which allows to load setup files, take live controller data readings, reset ride height etc. The necessary tuning software and much other information is available at As is an instructional youtube video of about 1hr length discussing fields that they suggest to alter for tuning the controller.
The controller is loaded with the original setup file supplied by DSC and comes in their original packaging. I purchased the unit in March 2021.

The controller is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Asking $800 CDN or best offer. Any shipping will be extra.

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Sold the car.

Ok to be honest I’m not interested in purchasing but just picked this up myself and have been working through the settings. Didn’t know if there was something I needed to be concerned about. GLWS


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How did you find the controller when you used it? Have considered one of these and heard they can greatly change the way the dcc handles. Curious to hear independent reviews.