(SOLD) Cobb Accessport AP3-VLK-002 (for GTI) $480 shipped


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Sold my '17 GTI earlier this month, so I'm selling my Cobb Accessport with 5150 Racing custom tunes for 91 octane and E40%. It's unmarried/uninstalled and is ready to go. The tunes are stage 1 (stock downpipe), and while I can't guarantee the tunes work on other cars, I'm fairly sure they will work on a similar setup & model year (I'm sure someone else can chime in and confirm), so I'm pricing this without consideration for the tunes (basically they're free). But obviously you can load any tune you want (EQT, Sneeky, Stratified, 5150, Cobb OTS, etc). Was installed for 26k miles, and was always kept in the glovebox except for logging or changing tunes. It even still has the factory plastic film screen protector (the pics make it look like the screen is scratched, but it's just the plastic film protector). Comes with the box, all cables, sticker, mount, and an extra grey faceplate (everything that's pictured). All boxed up and ready to ship.

Asking $480 shipped/insured to you via USPS.


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