Shout out to all the VW guys...all the way from the Middle East!


Ready to race!
Just got back from a 2 week holiday in California. In a city taken over by Audis and (B)ig (M)oney (W)asters, kudos to all the VW owners in LA.

Drove along the pacific coast in a Versa and only wished I could do that in my Gti! Absolutely breathtaking!


Ready to race!
I grew up around PCH, i learned to drive on PCH, and I try to never take for granted just how amazing it all is.

Same here, actually miss it deeply...grew up in OC in Lake Forest (El Toro) and as a 16 y/o I used to cruise up Laguna Canyon to PCH hang a right and take it up as far as I felt that particular day, sometimes Santa Monica, even Malibu a couple times, but usually to Newport then hopped back on 405/5 south and head home. Moved to Charlotte, NC several years ago and I really miss taking long rides up PCH!

Thanks for the reminder guys...[emoji6]