Should I trade my Evo for an R? Driving myself insane, and would love some input.

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The place where the Evo sucks is the lack of interior quality, lack of cargo, and fuel economy. The R slays in that regard.
Bingo... I went from a 2013 EVO X MR to a 2016 R DSG. I drove both cars for about six months before I let the EVO go. I agree with your observations; although the handling and AWD of the EVO was far superior (stock vs stock). I would've bought another EVO, but they decided to go backwards (removing Recaros) and neglected to update the car. Hugely disappointed they let that model fizzle out. It deserved a better send off than the laughable Final Edition (GSR only) they rolled out with. Throttle response is way better on the EVO as well.

The solution: I went APR Stg II+ with an IC among other hardware upgrades. This opened up the car big time, gave it the responsiveness I was lacking, and is a blast to drive. For the time being I'm sticking with the stock suspension (DCC) and enjoying the flexibility it provides. Not sure if I'll ever be able to replicate that feeling of being on rails, but since the R wins in so many other categories, it's easy to accept.


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HaHa Noize......

I forgot to tell you I got an R :D

Don't do it! you have a fortune in your X. The R is nice but......

A little background first.

I'm one of the site administrators over at I've had mostly Evos since 2003, when they first came to the states. I've owned five of them: an VIII, an IX, and three Xs. During that time, I also had a short term 335i lease, a 135i and a Mk6 GTI. My GTI build thread on golfmk6 is here, in case anyone is interested:

I didn't have the mk6 very long, mostly because it was an open diff base model manual car, and I never really loved it. Ultimately, I tried to make it handle, and it seemed a lot more work than it was worth to accomplish. With zero launches ever, the clutch started slipping with 10k on the odometer, about 1500 miles after I upgraded from APR s1 to APR s2, which was pretty lame. The modifications I did to it increased the harshness a lot, but didn't help it handle anywhere near as well as the Evo did. I traded it in on my current 2013 Evo X four years ago, and hadn't looked back, until recently.

Early this spring, it was time to get a new car for my wife, and I recommended a mk7 GTI. We got her a 2017 SE with the DSG, and she really likes it! I like it too, it kicks the crap out of my old mk6 in every measurable way: Interior is way nicer, DSG is flat out better, more power, faster, better stereo, leather, bigger brakes, VAQ differential better than nothing, yada yada yada.

My Evo is paid off, doing great, has only 28k miles, but driving her GTI has me pining for an R. I would really want a 2017, because Pretorias, CarPlay, and actual USB connection instead of that crappy-proprietary-VW-craptastic-connection-crap on the 15s and 16s.

My daily grind is real estate, and having the extra room of a hatchback and literally doubling the fuel economy has me really interested. I'm 44 years old, and while admittedly some of this might be because her car is new, when we go somewhere as a family, I will take the keys to her car 10/10 times.

I went to my local dealer, and they offered me KKB Very good for my car at $25,500. My car is paid off, and I figure with selling the coilovers, wheels, and a few other things, I can easily get $4500-$5000 in cash to put toward this.

They have two Rs locally, one is a new black manual, and the other a red manual 2017 CPO'd car with 850 miles on it for $37,000. I really tried to like the red manual, but the paint is not in good shape at all for it's age, and I really, really hate red. I'm also sick of black cars, but the main problem with them is the transmission. Even though I've driven manuals exclusively for the past 20+ years, the R clutch is feather light, and looking at the forums, the same pile of crap the mk6 GTI and R had, which can't handle any torque. I want a DSG, and think I would regret the manual horribly.

I also figure that it's ok to be picky about color. Blue is my top choice, followed by white. I don't want another black car, I hate red, and I despise that grey-with-a-hint-of-champagne limestone vomit or whatever it's called.

Thanks for letting me vent and share all of that, here are my questions:
1) Can I do better than $1000-$1500 off sticker on a new 2017 DSG R within 200 miles of Nashville, TN?

2) Am I just going to regret this again? Meaning because I will be taking a huge handling hit (and potential) going from a modified X to an R, but I haven't been on a track with turns in years, and not sure I care anymore.

3) Have any of you guys/gals gone from an Evo to an R and are very happy about it?

Thanks again!


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R's in the future could keep getting better.
Evo's may never return again in the same way.
There's a reason the 06 EVO with 9 miles just went for 140k on ebay.
Something to think about...

Golf R with DSG and Tune is the far superior daily though.


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Congrats, I have the same color, stunning when clean, downright annoying when not. :)

What are your thoughts since taking delivery? Regrets at all?

Zero regrets! Super happy with it.

Congrats...And a little easier to shove all those open house signs in than an EVO. [emoji6]

True that, buddy.

R's in the future could keep getting better.
Evo's may never return again in the same way.
There's a reason the 06 EVO with 9 miles just went for 140k on ebay.
Something to think about...

Golf R with DSG and Tune is the far superior daily though.

In 2025, hopefully I can get a-then-legal-to-import Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition. I got to drive one, and it was the best Evo I've had the pleasure of being behind the wheel of by far.


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The Evo is highly desirable because it uses electronics that are not found in other cars