Should I Do A Full Suspension Overhaul With My Eventual Coilover Upgrade?


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The noise doesn't bother me as much as the feeling like the car is falling apart, even though it probably isn't going to.

What about the Whiteline Roll Centre/Camber Correction kit? Is there a replacement to that? So far, I'm thinking of the following:

Audi RS3 LCA control arms. But with so many RS3 control arms, which ones are the ones to use?
034 Street Density Strut Mounts. They're supposed to be OEM+? Or should I just get Lemforder, Sachs, or Febi Bilstein from FCP? With the big price difference between them all, I would think some are better than others despite all being OE/OEM quality. Do I need bearings too? Should I get the OE FCP strut mount kit instead?
Completely redo the B14 install and make sure it's done properly with new single-use hardware in case it wasn't before. Reduce the positive rake, make sure it is level, and to fix the bouncing on the highway. I don't want my passengers getting car sickness again...
How low is your car? Are you sure you need the roll center correction?

I would get whatever german-made OE mounts you can find personally, unless you like taking your struts out. You don't have to replace the bearing every time but if you have the FCP warranty I would.