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Oh hai, thanks for stopping by.

Name's Paul. Like my front valence? :p

I have a daily driving 2015 Golf TSI in Tungsten Silver.

Before I bore you with another stupid thread about another stupid 7, please allow me to bore you with a little bit about myself.

Over the years I have been to a few VW shows, the biggest one on the planet being Worthersee in Austria. Here I am in Velden Austria with The Colonel Bynum and my German brother Jens.

I love Bavaria (specifically The Chiemsee region). Bavaria and beer. Bavaria and rum. Bavaria and basically anything actually.

I like long walks on the beach in the springtime and my favorite color is blue.

Here are a few pics from my previous VWs. Yes I know, they all suck.

Once upon a time I owned a few Volkswagens...

'01 Jetta TDI

Upgraded to '04 R32 (at Mount St. Helen's overlook in WA State).

Moved back east and brought a few MK1's with me (^80 British Columbia Canada Rabbit).

'77 Rabbit

'78 Rabbit that I transformed..

''77 16v that I got from Montana

and my all time favorite mk1, my '80 Rabbit L "Ute" (named after the original owner).

MK3 TDI that I had for a minute..

Harlequin that I have for a bit.

traded the R32 in for a MK2 TT

MKV GTI that I did some mods on

MK6 that I had for maybe a year.

...and now...

a stock MK7 Golf
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Early April 2015 - Purchased GOLF S

Exterior & Lighting

-20% Tint
-Ed's R Replica Headlamps with D2H Morimoto Elite HID kit
-5GM853651-A-ZLL - Lighting package front grille
-5GM854662-RYP Outer Chrome Grille (right)
-5GM854661-RYP Outer Chrome Grille (left)
-5GM853671-RYP Center Chrome Grille
-OEM Foglamps with chrome trim
-Foglamp wiring harness (
-European light switch
-Philip Diamond Vision H11's for fogs
-Cherry red rear LED tails
-KONIK LED reverse light H21W 6000K white bulbs (x2)
-DAP rear LED wiring harness with rear fog.
-Kill all wipers rear wiper delete bung.
-Folding Mirrors with tops painted black
-Modules 5Q4959593 & 5Q4959592 (mirror folding)
-Coding complete for reverse mirror dip
-Aspherical mirror set
-Maxton Golf7 front lip (never ended up installing)
-5G0-071-606 GRU Front Valence
-5G0-071-685 GRU Side Skirts
-5G0-071-610B GRU Rear Valence - Center Twin Exhaust
-5G0-071-644 GRU Hatch Top Spoiler
-5G0-071-905-B Remus rear exhaust for dual rear valence kit
-Vanity Plate "SEVEN"
-LED rear license plate kit
-Volvo rear license plate adapter
-5GO827469E - OEM VW rear badge back up camera with wiring harness.


-New South Performance Vent Pod Boost Gauge
-Stainless steel dead pedal and pedal covers
-Raceseng Topology shift knob.
-EUROKREATIONS MK7 Golf Rear Seat Delete
-RS Parts Matte Black Rear Bar with Black Net
-ECS Hatch Pop Kit
-Monster Mats
-Muddy Buddy trunk liner
-OEM VW Sunshield
-1Y0093055 (OEM VW Warning Triangle)
-Spare Tire Mount Helix Subwoofer
-Helix Sub / DSP Amp programmed


-Injen Evolution Air Intake
-06K103925AA & 06E103164 European Gen3 TSI lower engine cover & mounting bolt
-Dieselgeek SS-MK5-MK6SIGMA5 (Sigma 5 Speed Short Shifter)
-ECS Tuning black billet aluminum oil filter housing
-32mm 6 point oil filter socket
-Billet boost tap
-ECS Tuning Aluminum Street Shield Skid Plate
-034 Billet Dogbone Mount Version 1
-Genuine Audi 12V socket cigarette lighter dummy cover
-Washer Fluid Resevoir Cap (Black)

Wheels & Suspension

-(2) 15mm 5x112 to 5x130 adapters and bolts
-(4) 20mm 5x112 to 5x130 adapters and bolts
-(20) OEM porsche fitment lugs
-19x8 ET45 1552 Tarmacs
-H&R Deep coils for 55 strut housings
-Audi A3 brake and knuckle upgrade (55mm)


Recalls performed at King VW in Gaithersburg, MD
-Cam recall
-Fuel pump recall

Upcoming Mods:

-345mm MKV R32 front brakes
-310mm Audi TT Quattro 3.2L rear brakes
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Got some felgens today. Tested them. Not happy with the 15mm adapters. Ebay here we go.

Also got these in the mail from the UK ($100 shipped aint half bad)

Raceseng installed

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next up for purchase (for me to keep track)

-SS-MK5-MK6SIGMA5 (Sigma 5 Speed Short Shifter)
-1Y0093055 (Warning Triangle)
-Diesel Geek Panzer Skid Plate (when its released).
-(4) 5x112-5x130 20mm adaptors
-swap 15 snows onto OEM 15's for winter.


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Bedfordshire, UK
That 78' white Rabbit looks one cool car - how did you manage to remove all the clutter from the engine bay and inside the car - some lovely detailing...
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United Kingdom
Oh hai, thanks for stopping by.

I love Bavaria (specifically The Chiemsee region). Bavaria and beer. Bavaria and rum. Bavaria and basically anything actually.

To add, derestricted Autobahns =)

I'm HQ'd in Munich and in last five years have come to love the region..

Chiemsee is special, I'm back there Thursday and Friday this week =)

Paulaner & Hofbräu, Munich in the Summer.. it doesn't get much better!



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got a set of 4 5x112 to 5x130 20mm adapters as well as....

the Sigma 5 Speed Short Shifter

Also got LED tails too

next up on the list
-LED taillight harness
-rear camera
-tires & eBay set of wheels for daily status.