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Hi sandmangti, I have been reading your thread specially the bearing spring mount issue.

Recently I lowered a almost brand new gti mk7.5 with new bearings, after a week the car developed a clicking sound while turning the steering wheel.
I have read a lot of threads about this issue on this forum.
Everyone points at the bearings but Im taking other approach, I think the problem is that when the car is lowered the springs don't sit properly on the bearing and the load on the spring is not evenly distributed. This cause that the spring at first don't move the bearing when turning the steering then it corrects itself making a click sound.

This video explain it better.

The initial steering turning stress the mount cause the bearing is not moving, that's why the mount brakes in the long run.
The washer on the 034 mounts help to avoid this issue but still I think there is too much stress to the mount and the bearing.

I'm thinking maybe a thrust washer between the bearing and the springs would solve the issue .
Like the one swift sales for their coilovers.

Edit: sorry for my English I'm not native speaker :)

Agree 100%.
I have seen similar roller bearings and felt a 3D printed solid bearing replacement adjusted to allow room for bearing would be interesting to try. The VW Audi suspension works well for driving but I do not like it’s long time wear, even stock. Thanks for posting her so I can reference. Please share part info and details if you try it.

Something like this.
Maybe in addition with OE bearing.


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Contact Deautoled, they will replace. You will likely have to return yours first. Give them a call. They will honor lifetime warranty. Sorry for your issue. Must have red!
Yep all the other colors look like garbage lol. I'll send them a message - thanks!

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Not a GTI post but sharing news on JB4?

Now selling for use with 2.3L Turbo 2019 Ford Ranger.
I never ran a JB4 on my GTI but have always heard good things for forum MK7 members.
Like the price.

Questions for JB4 owners.
To install wireless does a wire tap need to be performed?
Is this the item that is detectable by a dealer?
I ran a Neuspeed power module but know the JB4 has slightly different hook up points and have read certain wiring if not removed can be found on service visit.

Any shared info is appreciated and I will pass on to Ranger Forum members.


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Christmas in June.

Cleaned my truck today.
Sure do enjoy the tire brush my Secret Santa sent to me this past Christmas. Always wanted to get one, should have long ago.
When Christmas comes around, sign up as you meet someone on the forum and get some nice items.


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Added piece to back seat.

US $42.50 | Car accessories Air conditioning Back row decorative frame FIT for Golf 7.5/7/Rline Rear anti-kick cover anti kick mat


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Up till now I have replaced my GTI wiper blades yearly with OE. Having tried Bosch on my Ranger found ECS sells them as an option so made a switch. Good looking, easy install. Some might not like white logo on front.


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My under dash RGB LED's failed recently. The Red LED's don't work anymore on one of them, but every other color works. Red flickers like a strobe light for a few minutes then completely dies out. Looking at the module, there are still LED's lit up but extremely dim so they don't put off any noticeable light

We have a lifetime warranty and can get you a brand new one. Just email

I can say from experience that is very rare and normally just a bad connection.