Sandman GTI MK7 PP DCC Lighting Pkg - The Journey begins!


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Deautoled front/rear footwell red LEDs.

When they came out with this upgrade I put in an order. I have had the front footwell red LED’s for a few years now and always wanted the rears added. The new kit comes with new front LEDs and are wired to an LED strip that can reach under the front seats.
You remove the older LED’s and install the new.

I asked Deautoled for some install details so I could see how they intended for the wire to be routed and led strip installed. Received a few pics but still had to decide the details.

The issue with front LED’s is the wire must feed out of the plastic cover. There is no opening for this but at the end there is a little room. Tight but doable. I could have cut the cover but did not want to cut up the thin plastic. The next issue is the German Engineers make the opening for the front led a perfect fit. So there is no room for the wire to slide up in. Using a cutter I make a small opening on the end of the square location so the wire fit and the front led slid in place. Running the wire is fairly easy until you get next to the seat. I could only reach so far before I could not longer tuck in. Some may not like the exposed wire but I use a crack filler product on each side of the seat to keep junk out and make cleaning easier. Purchase these a while back at Walmart.

With the wire now under the seat I decided best location to mount. I felt the pipe that makes the back edge of the seat frame was a good location. Metal which you need for the heat sink and round so you can mount in several location. If you have kids you can mount farther around and under to keep it from being kicked.
The light strip has 3m tape but not sure how well it will hold. They do send 3M auto tape and I suggest you use this on install. Edit(I did go back and add the 3M tape to the driver side. Started to come off).

Before you wire tie up the extra wire under the seat decide how much seat travel you want. The Autobahn drivers seat goes a long way back. If you do not leave enough wire then the light may get pulled off the tape.
I cut the strip which has around 20 LED'S on it down to 9.
9 fits the width of the pipe and better matches the light output.of the front. Front has 6 leds and the rear now has 9.

As the rear is wired to the front the dimmer control also works in the rear. Overall a good mod. Looks great at night.
Just hard to get under the front seats. Getting old for this stuff.

Many pics.

Light strip cut down.

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An offer.

Update: I have a taker on the bulbs.
Thanks for visiting my build thread.

As posted above I recently upgraded my red footwell led lights to the front/rear set from Deautoled. As the new set comes with new front bulbs this leaves me with my original red Deautoled bulbs. Working fine when I removed. Have had for almost 3 years and in good shape.

I like to help fellow MK7 owners especially younger guys that might be tight on funds to do all the mods we want to have. I have an Autobahn that came with white led footwell lights so not sure if these only work in OE led footwell light housings or if base MK7 cars can use them also. If we need to verify then another member might know for sure. So if you always wanted red LED’s up front let me know. I only ask that you request them if you really want them and not for resale. The white LED’s are nice but the red color goes well with a GTI.

PM me if you have interest.

I have a taker on the bulbs.
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love the look! you're not using spacers right?

Not on OZ Leggera’s.
To be flush you would need a 5 maybe a 10mm.
I thought about it but I like the OZ fit and one less thing to keep track of.
On my OE wheels for winter I use the ECS flush kit. A must for OE wheels.
The flush wheel looks good on a GTI.
Thanks for comment.


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Deautoled license plate bulb update.

One of my first mods, I have had them now for almost 3 years.
Over the last couple, months I would get a "check license plate" warning. But bulbs were on. I thought maybe wet after rain was causing an issue. After many pictures I was able to get a picture showing some diodes were out in one light. In my picture do not look at the light but look at the camera ghost image and you can count the diodes working. 1st picture has one less on.

Deautoled sent a new set at no cost, I paid the shipping. The first new set had one bulb that worked but the other would not come on. When I shook it I could hear a loose part inside. The housing is sealed so I did not open. Deautoled quickly sent another set of two and ask if I would return the other set. The new set worked great. I returned my 3 year old set do they could check if they like and also returned the 1st new set so they could check. The new set either has smaller and more LED bulbs or they original set had fewer and brighter as you can see a difference in count.

Just wanted to share that Deautoled lives up to the life time warranty. They cost more but are brighter than most other replacement LED bulbs.

I do want to add that I really like the current license bulb from Deautoled, as the color is whiter.

My original had a slight blue tint. Nice.

Video showing lights with loose part. Did not work.

Pics of new lights.
Sorry about dirty rear end.
This is the normal condition of a GTI.

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Y’all can make fun of my “Acorns” but little do you know how big a business this is. A busy time of year so extra storage is needed.

Behind the scene we are taking over!

A gold mine.

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ECS Tuning Center Compartment Tray.

Picked up the new tray once they came out with it for the GTI.
No secret that the tray is made in China as it is on the box in bold print. The tray is solid and good thickness. Is a friction fit as it does not move around and to pull out you push from the inside on each side and lift out. Not hard but the fit is well enough that you can not just pinch a divider and pull out. This is good as the tray will not move around in driving. I purchased one for my wife’s car and any downward pressure on the tray and it would drop down in pocket. The ECS GTI tray is solid enough you could turn in upside down on the ground and stand on it. Comes with rubber inside pads with ECS logo. Don’t want logo? Use rubber pads as a templet and trace out some adhesive felt. Line each pocket with felt to cushion moving parts.

ECS has this part right if interested.

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