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Roof racks


New member
I have a new VW Golf Mk 7 Wagon. Several roof racks seem to be available (Thule, Rhino, Whispbar, Prorack). Does anyone have comments on the best to buy, especially ones which are quiet, with minimum wind nose? Thanks.
If you want to spend top money ($250-300ish?)you might get something marginally quieter, but every type I've had on various cars have created some amount of wind noise, cheap ones and "posh" ones.

This time I've gone for some generic cheapies off ebay, mostly to carry a roof mount bike rack occasionally. $75 incl. delivery, lockable, fits well, and the supplier is in Melbourne.

They make a noise as I expected, but I can put up with it since I only have them on when needed. If you want them on full time it might be a different thing. And don't forget they upset fuel economy with the added drag!