Riceburner goes from 2 GTI's to one S4


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MK6 and MK7
2017 SE, Manual, Performance Package w/ lighting and DCC package
GOALS: Semi-fast street car, IS38. Something that looks great and rides nice. Hope to do a little bit of unique work to it - nothing too run of the mill but nothing too crazy either.

Mods list 4/25/20:
APR Stage 2, 93 octane, Low Torque tune with pops and bangs enabled
Integrated engjneering intercooler 4/25/20
HPA catted Downpipe 4/25/20
Vibrant resonator swapped into stock location
Integrated Engineering Open intake
Coolant line re-route (for aftermarket intakes)
ECS inlet Pipe
ECS Turbo Muffler Delete
Removed: Modded stock intake

HPA Dogbone
034 trans mount
BFI engine mount
034 shifter bushing kit
Audi shift lever
BFI Shift knob, lowered

VWR Lowering Springs
heavy duty front endlinks
ECS rear subframe brace
ECS adjustable rear endlinks

Komig Ampliform 8.5x18"
General G-Max tires
Stud conversion, open end lugnuts
BFI 10MM spacers all around

Performance Brake Package
Brembo dimpled rotors
Brembo ceramic pads

35% tint all around
Aerofabb spoiler extension
BEC MK7.5 Euro Tail Lights
Sequential, smoked mirror signal lights
Black pinstripe on front grille
LED rear plate lights
Black/red 'VW' logos front and back
Debadge all 'GTI' Badges
Front license plate delete plugs
APR fender decals
Rear wiper delete
Black headlight eyelids
ECS Exhaust Tips

Newsouth vent boost gauge
Kili motorworks red steering wheel badge inlay
Swap 12V socket to dual USB outlet
Skoda Hatch Nets, red
Steering wheel wrap
Mojo mats
ECS climate control rings
Sound deadened whole rear of car

Windows up/down with keyfob
Disable DRL with signals
Throttle input to sensitive

To come:
Clufch and IS38!

Very excited!

Well, a little over two years ago, I had a white 2015 SE, NON-PP.

I loved it, but got rid of it due to the bills just being too high, and got a MK6 with DSG and K04

However, that car, while in pretty good shape was just not doing it for me, being DSG and kind of featureless. No sunroof, spund system, LSD, and i just really santed a newer manual back with the potential to make 400 hp.

So, i just bought this from a member on here - nice guy! Fully loaded SE, Performance package, lighting package, sound package. And most importantly, manual! Only comes with lowering springs and nice enkei raijin wheels which im super stoked about, and 60k miles.

Its getting delivered to me tomorrow, fingers crossed....

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Autocross Champion
West Chicagoland
MK6 and MK7
Ps, a re-introcution for those who may not know me, and hello to those that might still be on the board from a few years back! My names Adam, 29, from west chicago. Just got married last week, and im a construction project manager for Tollroad ITS jobs and similar consulting stuff. :) hip hop head, and gear head.


Just got it dropped off! Had to switch my current mk6 plates to it to take it out for a quick spin of course! For 61k miles wow it rides so good. The DCC, which ive never experienced before, is amazing even on VWR springs. Can definately feel the lightweight wheels make a difference too. I didnt actually get to see the car in person, just trusted the previous owner, who seemed like a real straight shooter, and luckily he delivered exactly what was promised. This thing is in very good shape indeed.

Forgot how quick a stock 7 feels. Wont be long till its stage 1. Overall plans are some light visual mods, and the end game this time around definately includes is38, clutch and some drivetrain mods (short shifter)

I already have a subframe 034 insert ready to go in whenever i feel like its time :)

Never thought id get to take this picture

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MK6 and MK7
And for what its worth, a few shots of my current mk6 that my wife has been daily drving for the last 6 months. :) pretty large mod list that was bigger until i did a partout over the winter prepping to sell, but high level:

Apr k04
All charge pipes
Neuspeed intercooler
Other boltons
All engine and trans mounts
Tyrolsport deadset subframe kit
Dsg tune
Golf r bumper and side skirts (ebay shit unfortunately)
Egay headlights
Egay tails
Other visual stuff
Golf r wheels
Upgraded disks, ebc redstuff brake pads, braided lines, tyrolsport brake stiffening kit
Used to have a full suspension build but hated how bad the cwr was riding so now its stock short of a rear swaybar.

Interior has leather seat and door sill swap, upgraded radio and eh thats about it. Used to have racing seats and fully wrapped everything in alacantara but sold that stuff too.

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MK6 and MK7
Well, i should have the title tomorrow then i can finally start driving this thing!

But that hasnt stopped me from pre-emptavely ordering some parts for maintenance and goodies...

Touch ups:
Gonna remove the tow hook setup it came with to shed a few lbs ;) i dont bike so dont need it
Gonna try to source some new exhaust tips cause the current oem ones are cooked, and i dont wanna toss paper at a new catback so soon.

Performance vaq differential service kit
Spark plugs
Cabin filter
Oil change kit
And re-upping on on torx bits and other tools ive slowly lost over the years...

BEC MK7.5 style taillights (SO FUCKING EXCITED)
Aerofabb spoiler extension
Black/red badges
And some other miscellaneous bits :)

On friday im gonna go get a stage 1 flash, low torque just to see if the clutch likes it or not. In the meantime, is anyone able to talk me into doing a jb4 vs apr flash?

Later on im gonna slowly piece together a good air-moving package... as of now the plans are:
Unitronic open (velocity stack) intake. I love the same intake on my 6, so much boost noise!
Pick any brand turbo inlet pipe...
Pick any brand turbo muffler delete...
Still gotta pick out charge pipes and the best intercooler for the money...
And a gfb diverter valve.
I know modding the stock intake yields the same results but half the fun of a fast car is the noise it makes, lol.

Otherwise, just cleaned the engine bay! Im a detail nerd. Here are some before and afters.
Also pintriped black over the chrome strips on the grill and removed hood blanket and cowl isolator trim.

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MK6 and MK7
Got the title yesterday and plates! Word to the wise...

I got my last mk6 for 10,000 provate sale, and due to the price the DMV figured the vahicle tax on an RUT 50 form and was like 150 bucks.

Might be also due to the vehicle yesr but definately due to the proce being over 15k, this time around it was 750! Ouch... made me wish i had worked out a backyard deal with the seller to sell the car for '$14950' and give the rest in cash, LOL!

Anyway, finally driving, and it is great.
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MK6 and MK7
modding has begun... only slightly.

Did get a new obdeleven. Turned ON soundaktor so I can 'hear the engine' a bit, since it will be a while till i get an exhaust

turned the trottle input to be more sensitive which seriously is a night and day difference driving

disabled DRL dimming with signals

Modded the stock intake (pulled off the snowgaurd and panel under the filter) so now i can hear just a little intake noise and opened it up a smidge. Will get an intake soon enough

And got some kili motorworks red inserts for the steering wheel badge emblem. WIll be stitching on a wheel wrap once that ships in.
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MK6 and MK7
Had some fun today!

Installed aerofabb spoiler extension - didnt go through the hassle if bolting it on, just used more 3m tape. It survived a 100mph test run so fingers crossed it doesnt fall off lol

Removed bike rack hitch - anyone want it?

Installed 034 subframe insert - you all already know, as did i from my last 7, but christ what a difference it makes in shifting slop, and on/off the gas slop. Wow.

Replaced spark plugs in preparation for when i get tuned, and for general maintenance. 24mm gap on the dot.

Used shopdap's kit and flushed the performance pack diff. Was a messy job but not too hard; I would recommend following DAPs instructions on how to avoid getting fluid everywhere but its tough when youre doing the job on jackstands, even harder to crawl in and find the right angle to get the fill plug in and out but feel glad i did that.

61760 miles (for referance)

Finally stuck on kili motorwerks steering wheel insert and here is a picture.

Loving this car. Its so clean and drives so good! Very excited to tune it soon enough.

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West Chicagoland
MK6 and MK7

Swapped my led license plate lights over from the 6. As well as some skoda oem rear hatch mets. I have one that goes across the whole bottom of the floor but ill wait till i sell the 6 to take that from the wife lol

And, followed a discussion from here and got a dual usb putlet to replace the cigarette outlet. Super simple install. Remove old, swap on some male spades, plug into oem plug, and basicall shove this one in.

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Where did you get the dual USB? looking for something like that so I dont have to unplug my phone when I have a passenger who wants to charge.

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