RHD (Right Hand Drive) - Ed's Golf 7/GTI/R Projector Headlights

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July 7th Update

Right Hand Drive Golf R and GTI Style Headlight Group Buy For the MK 7 Golf\GTI\R

We now have for the Right Hand Drive market, e.g., Australia, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, etc

Both the R and GTI versions are available.

Lights are in stock and ready to ship!


- These headlights are replicas of the Golf 7 R and GTI models
- Includes adapter harness for your car, so the LEDs will stay on with the low beams, as well function as your DRLs.
- the manual levelling feature will still work, they are wired, and included levelling motors inside the headlights
- they can use H7, D2H or D2S sized bulbs, if you do not want to use a HID kit, H7 halogen bulbs will work in the projector
- Headlights are manufactured by a proven company which has supplied Passat and Jetta headlights to my customers for over 3 years. There are no reported issues with lens peeling, or lights falling apart prematurely.

Have a look at my add and a bunch of customer reviews here:


  • Plug and play on Golf and GTI models with halogen headlights, will not work with cars that originally came with the factory xenon headlights
  • Uses a 2.5" Bi-xenon projector with E-Code Beam Pattern with Right Hand Drive pattern
  • Has LED Turn indicators for both models
  • Has double led rings for the Daytime Running Lights

  • Golf R version has a secondary high beam projector. Uses a H7 sized bulb.
  • GTI version has a led bulb for the inner light
  • GTI version also has a functional cornering light, it turns on with the high beams and turn indicators for that side

These are not the low quality headlights as sold by Winpower, have a look here at their product reviews:

The easy way to tell the difference between these lights, is the shape of the housing, the rear covers are different, the Winpower cornering lights don't work, different HID projectors, no leds for the turn signals.

The lights I sell are made by a completely different factory with an actual quality assurance program in place. When I first started selling headlights a few years a go, I had purchased some product from the same manufacturer as these Winpower lights. I ended up throwing most of it in the trash...

Ordering and Pricing

Either type are ready to ship now.

$560 USD Shipped to Australia, UK, please check for a shipping quote elsewhere.

This includes both headlights, and adapter harnesses, and high beam bulbs for the Golf R. You will need to source your own HID kit if you want to get one.

Come visit our website at:

Includes a one year warranty against factory defects. However, we are not responsible for improper installation, physical damage due to install, and professional installation is always recommended.

Please contact me at: or pm me here if you have questions.


Have a look at the review here.

Installation Guide:


The beam pattern from the UK test car, some adjustment is needed.

Some more photos of the lights themselves

GTI Version

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How many more do you need now to make this happen?
I might be interested depending on the time frame.



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April 13th Update

I managed to get the order placed with the factory, the RHD version of the lights will be ready in 3-4 weeks from now. I will be confirming with people who preordered and will hopefully send out the invoices within a couple of weeks.

Only the Golf R version, without the red stripe will be available, there was not enough interest in the GTI version this time around.

Thanks for your support.

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May 16, 2015 Update

The RHD GTI Version of these lights will be available by the end of this month. Now you will have the option of both the Golf R and GTI Style as well.

The Golf R Version is in stock, and has been shipping out for over a week now to customers in Australia, UK and South Africa.

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June 6th Bump

Both the RHD GTI and Golf R version of the headlights are available! Ready for shipping.

Aftermarket grilles are available, but due to much higher shipping costs, I need to charge $180 US for it shipped. So you may want to compare prices with your local dealer first.
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