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I'm currently wearing a set of 4 SuperSpeed RF03RR 18x8.5's with the WIDER offset (et35); the rears are PERFECT, but the fronts are rubbing my fender corners (even with the screw removal mod) and I'm looking to fix that.... had an idea.

Curious if there's anyone on the forum (In/around the GTA) who's purchased 4x Superspeed RF03RR (matte black, 5x112, 66.1cb with a hub to fit) in 18x8.5 in the et45 offset.

My idea is simple: we swap 2x wheels each, so we're both rocking a slightly wider et35 stance in the back with the tighter et45's up front. (wheels obviously need to be exact model/color/size with only the offest difference).

All of my wheels are in great condition, but would be happy to have the other person pick which ones they wanted (as long as condition of trade was equal).

I wear these on the car year-round (save for rubber swap coming up in the next few weeks), so we'd need to align on timing and location to execute the swap properly.

Let me know if you're interested!!! Downtown Toronto located with a Markham shop. (Almost Racing).

EDIT: rub resolved with camber mount kit as described below
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This can be fixed with a camber plate. I went with EuroSport Camber pucks and it should even out front to rear fitment with a +35.

I use 8.5 +35 or 9 +42 on my cars. Without a slight tuck from camber up front, you will rub when slammed.

With this method, you wouldn't even need to roll your fender lip / remove screws. It also improves turn-in and handling a slight bit.


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Amazing... THANK YOU for sharing!! 🙏🙏

Interestingly enough I actually went with the superpro camber mount kit before reading your post and can confirm I'm able to run the agro +35 offset with more aggressive camber and it fixes the rub in the same way.