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Hi, I'm Riceburner! I have been through a lot of cars over the years here so for any rando checking this thread out, this post will contain all the cars I've had, from newest to oldest moving down.
On this forum you may see the term 'Riceburnering' from time to time. Well thats because I have been through quite a few cars over the last 10 years. I get one, pour money and time into it, love it, then get the feel for something new, or circumstances change, and there I go doing it all over again. I feel like, on the 6 or 7 VW/Audis I've owned I pretty much do the same general stuff to them. But hey, its fun. Happy trolling!

June 2023 - current:
2007 GTI, Candy White, Leather/Premium Package
After all the white gtis i have had so far, i am so excited to finally be in a proper, clean, manual mk5. Many have touted this to the best gti, if not the 7, and i agree. I have fallen in love with how it looks, sounds and performs. Hoping to keep this one for a long time.

custom tune by Mobil 1 in Glenview IL
Integrated Engineering catted downpipe
ECS Oil Filter Housing
ECS Turbo Outlet Pipe
ECS Cold Side Piping / Throttle Body Piping
CTS Short Shifter, cable bushings
BFI Stage 1 engine/trans mount
Dogbone puck
noise pipe delete
Did axles, N80 valve, 02 Sensor, MAF sensor, NGK BKR7EIX plugs, coolant temp sensor pigtail, high bar fuel filter, fuel pump, PCV

Suspension / Wheels / Brakes
Flow One F2 18X9, Firestone Firehawk for summer
Austin wheels and blizzaks for winter
H&R Springs
Bilstein B4 Struts and Shocks
ECS Front Subframe Deadset Kit
S3 OEM Rear Control Arm Bushings
Did sway bar endlinks, hubs, ball joints
Zimmermann rotors,

Boomba Shift Knob
Clutch Stop
Sony android head unit
Wireless carplay
kenwood amplifier
Began red stitching seats
Sound deadening throughout car to reduce rattles and creaks
led interior lights everywhere

Full votex 'ground effects' kit
Aftermarket front bumper with sidemarkers shaved
OEM Grill
Black/red VW Badge, black rear badge and paint match inner
Shaved GTI Badges
Custom painted headlights, new lenses, osram D2S hid bulbs 5000k, 3000k led fog lights, 3000k brights
Euro R32 Taillights
Window tantz
Ebay duckbill spoiler
Rear wiper delete
Different exhaust tips

Dec 2022 - May 2023:
2000 Audi S4
Finally! I started to get a serious itch for these a little while back and then started looking for a good one for months while debating to sell my R or not. Ultimately sold the R and got this and a B8 for the same price as the R! Win? Lose? Time will tell as the B8 and B5, both of which notorious for having very expensive problems (especially when pushed hard under more power) unfolds!
On a high level this car sounds great, looks both great and subdued (which typically aint my style but i make an exception on this one) and drives like a dream.
K04 Turbos
AWE Downpipes
Borla Catback
Chassis stiffening
Rebuilt/upgraded transmission
Short shift goodies
Some other goodies on it

Nov 2022 - August 2023 - 2010 B8 Audi S4
bought this car upon selling the R so that my wife could still drive something and something fun for me still when i drive it.

This one is pretty clapped out compared to the 8.5 i had back in 2021, but its still a fun and pretty awesome car.
Moonstone Pearl Effect, 7speed dsg, charcoal alacanatara interior.
Sparco wheels
Stage 1 tune
I.e. intake
rs4 grills
New headlight lenses
Ebc pads

This one has 170k and while it runs great and drives reasonably well, the dsg feels horrible and will likely need to have the mechatronic unit replaced if i cant riceburn it first.

Nov 2021 to Nov 22:
2015 Golf R, DSG (For now?), DCC, Limestone Grey Metallic

Its was a super great car, def a dream car since they first came out. The turbo kit really woke it up. But I really regretted getting a DSG (again...) and therefore found myself in the midst of debating to sell it for another manual car, manual swap it, or buy something like a MK5 to beat on, on the side.
APR DTR6054 Turbo Kit
APR High Pressure and Low Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade
034 Intake (I think?)
APR Oil Catch Can
034 V1 Dogbone insert
None for now, but DCC!
Konig Ampliform 18x8.5"
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
VWR Stud Conversion
Zimmerzhong drilled rotors
Stoptech pads
Weathertech mats
Leyo DSG knob
Leyo HVAC knobs
Some dsg paddles
Deautokey RGB Footwell lights
New Steering Wheel Cover
Window Tants
MK7.5 Euro Taillights OEM
Aerofabb Spoiler Extension
Color match rear badge insert
All black VW and R badges
Electric blue ‘R’ badge inlays
All black front grille
Blackout the chrome
Black mirror caps
VW Roof Rack

Feb 2022 - August 2022
1987 Pontiac Fiero, 2.4L Iron Duke, 3 Spd Auto!

Fun little car I had for the summer that I inherited from my grandmother but unfortunately just didn't have the heart or space to keep it long.

July 2021 to December 2021:
2007 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition in 6spd Manual!
Super fun little car that was a GLI/GTI in disguise. I bought an actual (wrecked) GLI and swapped a ton of stuff onto this one (mostly interior stuff) but ultimately sold it when i got my R. Miss it, it was a fun cheap car I got from Jay745.
APR Stage 1
Some sort of intake
OZ Ultralegerra 17" Wheels (which looked the business)
GLI Grilles
GLI Headlights
GLI Euro Taillights
Trunk lip spoiler
Black emblems
GLI Seats, some interior plastics, gauges, etc
New shift knob and steering wheel cover
Apple carplay radio

Feb 2021 - July 2021
2016 Audi S4 Prestige Edition, 6spd Manual, Black Optics Package, Daytona Pearl paint
AWESOME car, highly suggest if you have the means.
Stage 1 APR
South Bend Stage 2 Clutch
Integrated Engineering Intake
BFI Shift Knob
I made custom headlights for it
RS4 Grilles
Black emblems
I think thats all i did to this car - Supercharger whine was amazing, it was very quick and nimble. Rode great. Sold it to get a house. Should have kept it.


Aug 2019 - March 2020: 2016 GTI SE, Manual, Performance Package w/ lighting and DCC package, candy white
Perfect car, also should have kept this one.
Goals were to have a Semi-fast street car, IS38. Something that looks great and rides nice. Hoped to do a little bit of unique work to it - nothing too run of the mill but nothing too crazy either.
Ultimately sold it cause i didn't wanna do the is38 and clutch and got an S4... which i did a clutch for anyway. facepalm but AWD was great.
APR Stage 2, 93 octane, Low Torque tune with pops and bangs enabled
Integrated engjneering intercooler 4/25/20
HPA catted Downpipe 4/25/20
Vibrant resonator swapped into stock location
Integrated Engineering Open intake
Coolant line re-route (for aftermarket intakes)
ECS inlet Pipe
ECS Turbo Muffler Delete
Removed: Modded stock intake
HPA Dogbone
034 trans mount
BFI engine mount
034 shifter bushing kit
Audi shift lever
BFI Shift knob, lowered
VWR Lowering Springs
heavy duty front endlinks
ECS rear subframe brace
ECS adjustable rear endlinks
Komig Ampliform 8.5x18"
General G-Max tires
Stud conversion, open end lugnuts
BFI 10MM spacers all around
Performance Brake Package
Brembo dimpled rotors
Brembo ceramic pads
35% tint all around
Aerofabb spoiler extension
BEC MK7.5 Euro Tail Lights
Sequential, smoked mirror signal lights
Black pinstripe on front grille
LED rear plate lights
Black/red 'VW' logos front and back
Debadge all 'GTI' Badges
Front license plate delete plugs
APR fender decals
Rear wiper delete
Black headlight eyelids
ECS Exhaust Tips
Newsouth vent boost gauge
Kili motorworks red steering wheel badge inlay
Swap 12V socket to dual USB outlet
Skoda Hatch Nets, red
Steering wheel wrap
Mojo mats
ECS climate control rings
Sound deadened whole rear of car
Windows up/down with keyfob
Disable DRL with signals
Throttle input to sensitive



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MK5 Best GTI

Feb 2017 - Nov 2020:
2012 GTI, DSG, Candy White
Original 'build' thread for MK6 GTI

Got this puppy for like 10k with a K04 on it, and rebuilt title (rear side impact). Though this car always was a tad janky as a result of the rebuild, I put TONS of money into this one, from a full cup suspension which i never put to good use on a track (havent ever tracked any of my cars (face palm) ), and full custom interior. It was a super fun car. Once I got my 2016 GTI, This one became essentially my wifes, until she decided to get a tiguan.
APR K04 kit
Full unitronic intake
Neuspeed FMIC
Stock intercooler delete kit
Upgraded 'pancake pipe' (turbo outlet to intercooler)
BSH Throttle pipe
GFB diverter valve
SPM Catted DP
Milltek 2.75" non resonated catback
R8 coils
HP24 spark plugs
Fuel filter upgrade
Magnetic drain plug
Remove hood blanket (for such boost noise!)
Treadstone MAF airflow straightener
PTP Lavaflow downpipe/turbo hot side wrap
DEI gold wrap around intake (removed)
Vibrant 7192 resonator (removed)
APR RSC Catback (removed)
034 Catch can setup w/ africa plate
2.5 Gallon trunk mounted tank
220 PSI Snow pump
Integrated engineering throttle plate
BSH Throttle pipe
2x225ml SNOW nozzles
Snow MAFU controller
Monitored on EONON radio w/ torque app
Stoptech pads, R1 concept rotors
Braided brake lines
Tyrolsport brake stiffening kit
Torque solutions DSG dogbone arm
034 Engine mounts
HPA Dogbone mount
Tyrolsport deadset front subframe kit
B-cool 'Coolflow' filter housing
VWR Springs
Koni STR.T Struts
Passat B6 aluminum control arms
H&R 24MM Rear sway bar
Meyle sway bar endlinks (heavy duty)
KMD Tuning front stress bar
Powerflex antilift front kit
Powerflex front control arm bushings
New hub bearings
Aurora spherical control arm bushings and toe arms
Unibrace (main underbody brace) (removed)
2016 golf R wheels, center spokes wrapped
Michelin pilot super sports
(removed) Nitto NT555 G2 tires
Braum BRR1 street/track front seats, black leather/red accents
Rear Leather GTI seat swap, restitch accent threads in red
redlinegoods alacantara shift boot w/ red stitch
redlinegoods alacantara e-brake handle w/ red stitch
Jetta GLI e-brake BOOT (leather w/ red stitch over the plastic 'boot'
BFI DSG Knob (red leather)
Manual boot conversion
Double Apex USB Charger port
EANON radio
(Removed) Upgraded OEM radio to RCD-510
Carbon fiber trim pieces
'GTI' seat emblems for handles
New floormats
Red LED floor 'ambience lighting'
Paddleshifter extentions
LEDs everywhere
Redlinegoods alacantara armrest
Sound deadening where needed
USB port
Vent mounted boost gauge
APR steering wheel badge
Handmade leather wrap/red stitch shifter console surround
Euro front lip, colormatched
DutchParts front splitter
Maxton designs golf R side skirt extensions/splitters
Maxton designs rear spoiler extension
Wrap lower grille surround from grey to white
Theretrofitsource LED fog light housings, Lamin-x yellow fog light film
Golf R sideskirts
Remove splashgaurds
Paint lower grille and foglight grills
New foglights, tinted
3000K fog bulbs
R20 led headlights
5500K hid kit
PS24Y switchback turn signal bulbs
LED R20 tail lights
Smoked side markers
Black VW badges
debage 'gti' emblems
Carbon fiber license plate frame
LED license plate lights
30% window tint
Full polish/paint correction
Rear wiper delete
Towhook license plate bracket
Golf TDI skidtray/aero plate (for full font subframe coverage and air scoop to cool turbo)
G2-Paint kit to repaint red calipers
Weight loss:
Deka ETX16L battery (~40lbs stock to ~6lbs now!)
Remove spare tire, replace with inflator and plugs


April 2016 - Feb 2017:
Original 'build' thread for my first MK7 GTI
2015 GTI SE, 6MT, Non PP.
Ah, my first GTI. Great car, didn't really know about the PP and LP and DCC at the time. I was still a kid, my dad told me to get rid of it for a cheaper car, where i got the MK6 for 14k less than I got this one for at the time.
APR Stg 1 low output 93 tune 04/04/16 SWITCHED to 93 tune 04/27/16
Weathertech front mats 04/08/16
20% rear 35% front tinted windows 04/09/16
GFB DV+ 04/13/16
Carbon fiber license plate frames 04/15/16
Ed replica HID headlights 04/17/16
Hood blanket, soundaktor and rear gti badge removed 4/23
Gloss black vw badges 4/25
Apr carbon intake 4/25 -REMOVED 5/2
ECS Tuning wheel 'flush' spacers 05/04/16
VWR600 Intake 5/6/16
034 Motorsport lower dogbone insert 5/8/16
Euro Headlight Switch 5/15/16
De-Autokey license plate lights 5/22/16
Fluidampr 5/26/16
Rear wiper delete 6/11/16
BFI Red Anodized knob 7/16/16
RED Anodized HVAC Control knobs (ecs) 7/16/16
Lamin-x taillights and black knifeblade badges 7/22/16
Resonator deltete 7/25/16
Boomba Racing Diverter valve spacer 8/5/16
Plastidip wheel emblems 9/1/16
Maxton design rear spoiler 9/28/16
Clutch stop 10/14/16
EZ lip for front spoiler 10/24/16
OBDEleven 10/25/16
Golf R brake kit & ecs braided lines 11/7/16
Boomba racing STS adapter 11/23/16
Euro LED taillights 1/2/16
Red Skoda hatch netting 12/8/16
Blizzak tires (front only) 12/9/16
Sound deadening rear hatch & doors 12-11-16
Magnaflow catcback exhaust 1-5-17
Front plate delete 1-19-17
Start running e-85 1-27-16

April 2015 - April 2016:
2006 Tacoma X-Runner

2WD, 6-Spd Manual, Red
Super interesting rando truck. Had ~120k miles. Worst purchase of my life in the fact that is was both not a very good truck for lack of 4WD, truck suspension, truck tires, etc, and not that great of a 'sport car' either since it was a slow 4.0L V6. But it did handle great and was good for donuts and burnouts. Looked.. interesting. Still not sure if i liked it, but it was a very polarizing 'truck'. One thing was for sure though, it was a tacoma, and no car i've ever had was so good at just starting up and taking off.
Lightly modded; civic wheels for winter, customized headlights, exhaust, tonnaeu cover, some other random bits and bobs nothing crazy.

Prior to the GTI I had a ~400hp supercharged fully built Cobalt SS which I had for ~5/6 years. It was a fucking awesome little shitbox that was starting to feel to beat up, which led me into the VW/Audi scene.
LSJION Ported & Polished Head
ZZP Stage 2 Blower Cams
Performance Autowerks 80# Valve Springs
New Valves, Retainers, etc
ARP Headstuds
Machined crankshaft for larger keyway
LevelZero Balance Shaft Delete Bushings
Cut stock balance shafts into nubs
New timing set, ARP Timing Bolts

TVS 1320 w/ 2.75” pulley
ATI Superdamper (overdrive, makes pulley size act smaller)
Ported/polished intake Manifold
LS4 Throttle Body
ZZP 3” Intake
ZZP Longtube Header/Catted DP
ZZP 2.5” Resonated Catback
ZZP Magnetic Drain plug

ZZP Machined Valve Cover

100% cornfed
FID1000 injectors
OTTP Return Style Fuel System:
AEM 320 E85 Pump
Fuelab adjustable regulator w/ gauge

Custom Dual Pass Endplate
ZZP Stealth heat exchanger
OTTP Stg1 front mount heat exchanger
e85? kinda?
ZZP Option B kit bled from intake mani

GMPP Clutch kit
GMPP Upgraded axles
Stock Flywheel
LNF Shift Bracket
Ottp upper trans mount
Powell front trans mount
LNF rear trans mount
New engine mount
LSD trans
Zzp input and output seals

SSC Lowering Springs
Moog Front Sway Bar Endlinks
KYB Front Struts
Kyb Strut Mounts
Ottp steering rack spacers
Moog Front Tie Rod Ends
Moog Control Arm Bushings
Moog rear spring seats
Moog front swaybar bushings
Koni Rear Adjustable Struts
ZZP Front Strut Tower Brace, powdercoaded black
ZZP Rear Swaybar

TC wheels powdercoated anthracite metallic
225/40/18 Nitto NT555 tires
5x110-5x110 1”; hub adapters in front
½” spacers w/ arp extended studs in rear
Red anodized open ended lug nuts

R1 concepts slotted rotors
Hawk HPS pads
Red Calipers

Front Turbo SS Upper and Lower Grilles
Colodude18 retrofit K2 Motor Dual Taillights, smoked (new set coming soon!)
Retrofit headlights by me, E55 Silver colormatch Shrouds, flat black housings w/silver ‘overspray’, D2S 3” projectors, 6000K, Led turn signals, ¾ style halo rings
6000k foglights, tinted lenses, red lense borders
Windshield Banner Tint
20/35 Window Tints
Upper Evo Mod
Tint side markers/3rd brake light
Red Caliper Paint
C/F Bowtie
C/F License Plate frame
Shorty Antenna
C/F SS inlays
Red supercharged badge on trunk
#working on a cf trunk!
Soon to go on powell towhook, red for the front

Black on black ss/tc seats
Redline Goods Armrest cover and shift boot
Front and Rear huskyliners floormats
RedlineGoods Alacantara steering wheel
Carbon fiber SS steering wheel badge
Map leds
Modified Gauge faces to glow whiter (by rains_crusaider)
White led swap on all button panels (by rains_crusaider)
3 gauge A-pillar
All plastics painted black that weren’t already black
GMPP Pedalset
TWM Short Shifter with base bushings & cable clamp
Factory Dome Light w/ LEDs

Aeroforce Multigauge
Aem Eugo wideband

Rockford Fosgate Speakers (front & back)


Ps, a re-introcution for those who may not know me, and hello to those that might still be on the board from a few years back! My names Adam, 29, from west chicago. Just got married last week, and im a construction project manager for Tollroad ITS jobs and similar consulting stuff. :) hip hop head, and gear head.


Just got it dropped off! Had to switch my current mk6 plates to it to take it out for a quick spin of course! For 61k miles wow it rides so good. The DCC, which ive never experienced before, is amazing even on VWR springs. Can definately feel the lightweight wheels make a difference too. I didnt actually get to see the car in person, just trusted the previous owner, who seemed like a real straight shooter, and luckily he delivered exactly what was promised. This thing is in very good shape indeed.

Forgot how quick a stock 7 feels. Wont be long till its stage 1. Overall plans are some light visual mods, and the end game this time around definately includes is38, clutch and some drivetrain mods (short shifter)

I already have a subframe 034 insert ready to go in whenever i feel like its time :)

Never thought id get to take this picture
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And for what its worth, a few shots of my current mk6 that my wife has been daily drving for the last 6 months. :) pretty large mod list that was bigger until i did a partout over the winter prepping to sell, but high level:

Apr k04
All charge pipes
Neuspeed intercooler
Other boltons
All engine and trans mounts
Tyrolsport deadset subframe kit
Dsg tune
Golf r bumper and side skirts (ebay shit unfortunately)
Egay headlights
Egay tails
Other visual stuff
Golf r wheels
Upgraded disks, ebc redstuff brake pads, braided lines, tyrolsport brake stiffening kit
Used to have a full suspension build but hated how bad the cwr was riding so now its stock short of a rear swaybar.

Interior has leather seat and door sill swap, upgraded radio and eh thats about it. Used to have racing seats and fully wrapped everything in alacantara but sold that stuff too.

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Score! Nice cars, I’m still around from when you where on here previously

Hey jake! Think i remember seeing your username back when, haha. Thanks!


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Well, i should have the title tomorrow then i can finally start driving this thing!

But that hasnt stopped me from pre-emptavely ordering some parts for maintenance and goodies...

Touch ups:
Gonna remove the tow hook setup it came with to shed a few lbs ;) i dont bike so dont need it
Gonna try to source some new exhaust tips cause the current oem ones are cooked, and i dont wanna toss paper at a new catback so soon.

Performance vaq differential service kit
Spark plugs
Cabin filter
Oil change kit
And re-upping on on torx bits and other tools ive slowly lost over the years...

BEC MK7.5 style taillights (SO FUCKING EXCITED)
Aerofabb spoiler extension
Black/red badges
And some other miscellaneous bits :)

On friday im gonna go get a stage 1 flash, low torque just to see if the clutch likes it or not. In the meantime, is anyone able to talk me into doing a jb4 vs apr flash?

Later on im gonna slowly piece together a good air-moving package... as of now the plans are:
Unitronic open (velocity stack) intake. I love the same intake on my 6, so much boost noise!
Pick any brand turbo inlet pipe...
Pick any brand turbo muffler delete...
Still gotta pick out charge pipes and the best intercooler for the money...
And a gfb diverter valve.
I know modding the stock intake yields the same results but half the fun of a fast car is the noise it makes, lol.

Otherwise, just cleaned the engine bay! Im a detail nerd. Here are some before and afters.
Also pintriped black over the chrome strips on the grill and removed hood blanket and cowl isolator trim.

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Got the title yesterday and plates! Word to the wise...

I got my last mk6 for 10,000 provate sale, and due to the price the DMV figured the vahicle tax on an RUT 50 form and was like 150 bucks.

Might be also due to the vehicle yesr but definately due to the proce being over 15k, this time around it was 750! Ouch... made me wish i had worked out a backyard deal with the seller to sell the car for '$14950' and give the rest in cash, LOL!

Anyway, finally driving, and it is great.
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modding has begun... only slightly.

Did get a new obdeleven. Turned ON soundaktor so I can 'hear the engine' a bit, since it will be a while till i get an exhaust

turned the trottle input to be more sensitive which seriously is a night and day difference driving

disabled DRL dimming with signals

Modded the stock intake (pulled off the snowgaurd and panel under the filter) so now i can hear just a little intake noise and opened it up a smidge. Will get an intake soon enough

And got some kili motorworks red inserts for the steering wheel badge emblem. WIll be stitching on a wheel wrap once that ships in.
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Had some fun today!

Installed aerofabb spoiler extension - didnt go through the hassle if bolting it on, just used more 3m tape. It survived a 100mph test run so fingers crossed it doesnt fall off lol

Removed bike rack hitch - anyone want it?

Installed 034 subframe insert - you all already know, as did i from my last 7, but christ what a difference it makes in shifting slop, and on/off the gas slop. Wow.

Replaced spark plugs in preparation for when i get tuned, and for general maintenance. 24mm gap on the dot.

Used shopdap's kit and flushed the performance pack diff. Was a messy job but not too hard; I would recommend following DAPs instructions on how to avoid getting fluid everywhere but its tough when youre doing the job on jackstands, even harder to crawl in and find the right angle to get the fill plug in and out but feel glad i did that.

61760 miles (for referance)

Finally stuck on kili motorwerks steering wheel insert and here is a picture.

Loving this car. Its so clean and drives so good! Very excited to tune it soon enough.

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Swapped my led license plate lights over from the 6. As well as some skoda oem rear hatch mets. I have one that goes across the whole bottom of the floor but ill wait till i sell the 6 to take that from the wife lol

And, followed a discussion from here and got a dual usb putlet to replace the cigarette outlet. Super simple install. Remove old, swap on some male spades, plug into oem plug, and basicall shove this one in.

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updated mods list in the OP. Will keep that updated as I move along :)


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Burbs of denver
Where did you get the dual USB? looking for something like that so I dont have to unplug my phone when I have a passenger who wants to charge.

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