Redline Speed Worx (RSW) Presents: Alignment & Corner Balancing Services


Ready to race!
Redline Speed Worx is proud to announce that we have a new addition to our facility, the Hunter Hawk Eye Elite System with Hunter's fully integrated alignment rack ! We are VERY excited to now have this piece of technology at our shop as it increases our ability to properly service our customers vehicles 10 fold.

New and patented QuickGrip™ adaptors and three-dimensional targets accelerate service with set-up times in seconds instead of minutes. Spring-loaded clamping arms adjust easily to various wheel sizes, and a simple thumb lever locks the clamp in place. Technicians can quickly attach the adaptors without concern for a perfectly centered target; off-centered positioning has no effect on measurement accuracy.

The system's patented clamping arms grip the tire tread instead of the rim edge, removing the worry of damaging expensive rims from metal-to-metal contact. Only a protective rubber ring at the base of the adaptor contacts the rim.

New and patented HawkEye Elite digital imaging sensors include four high-resolution cameras that instantly update adjustment readings on-screen. Working with the newly designed targets, HawkEye Elite sensors provide 3D modeling of wheel position and orientation for the most accurate alignment measurements.

CodeLink recalibrates the steering angle sensor (SAS) to match the final alignment angles of the vehicle, as required by the OEM, to complete an alignment. Failure to perform the manufacturer’s required SAS reset after wheel alignment may cause conditions that could result in comebacks. Shops that are unequipped to handle SAS reset risk enduring these comebacks or may simply have to turn work away. CodeLink wirelessly connects Hunter’s WinAlign® alignment system to the vehicle OBD-II to recalibrate SAS to match the final alignment angles of the vehicle and properly complete the alignment.

Live Ride Height Adjustment Measure and adjust ride height in real-time. Over 20 million vehicles require ride height measurement to complete alignment service.

Lowered vehicles are a problem of the past, we have a zero clearance rack which allows us to get anything onto the alignment rack!

Alignment Pricing Varies by vehicle and suspension system, please call us at the shop / e-mail / PM for pricing on your vehicle specific alignment!

When customers ask why alignments are so important, we at Redline Speed Worx, LLP are so happy to be able to quickly get a vehicle on the rack, and show the owner a 3-D image of what exactly their suspension looks like in its current state.

Then we point out the incorrect wheel angles, and ask them to imagine pushing their car down the highway at 70MPH dragging all 4 of their tires sideways, and then ask them if they understand the tire damage, and increased level of wear the suspension components endure…

Call Us NOW, to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle properly aligned! We recommend this is done yearly, any time suspension changes are made, or any point when the subframe is removed during the coarse of another service being completed!