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Can anyone here personally recommend a shop in the GTA to install parts? I’ve purchased all the new components I want, but I will need help having them installed.

Is there a recommended trustworthy shop someone can recommend, where I can be comfortable knowing my car is in good hands, and that my parts actually make it on to my car? Given that some the mods I’m going to do won’t be visible I feel more comfortable with assurance that my parts are being installed on my car.

Best option would be to install myself with the help of an experienced DIYer I don’t mind paying for the help as long as their experience justifies it..


Passed Driver's Ed
Thanks for the great tip. I called, and spoke with Philip on the phone. Sounds like an honest person. Going to pay them a visit. Probably worth the trip all the way out to Markham.
No problem. I just picked up my car from them this past Saturday and the clutch job seems great so far.


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I've recently switched over to Almost Racing, they will be doing my clutch install next.
Phil is the best. I've been dealing with him for years. Great guy and honest. He does all my work.

I have heard really good things about Will at auto select tuning. I've never met him or dealt with him but he has a pretty solid reputation.


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Whitby, ON
Who would you suggest on the east end? Pickering to Whitby area.
Hi, I live in Whitby and I've been doing some mods and general maintenance at Gator in Ajax. Nice and clean place, knowledgeable technicians, new and good quality equipment, fair price, timely services. A positive experience so far.