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Thought some on here made their own. Plywood wrapped in carpet. Then develop way to space and anchor so level. I think not a difficult project.

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Just go OEM Clubsport S.


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Don't get the point of using a bunch of MDF/plywood. Whole point is to reduce weight. Can't sit on the surface either way
If you read the article at the bottom he provides the weights:
"Finally, since I know you’re wondering, the total of the rear seat parts removed weighs 60.2 lbs. I also removed the Muddy Buddy cargo liner and parcel shelf, which weigh another 9.0 lbs. My rear seat delete weighs 27.6 lbs, which means I’ve removed 41.6 lbs from the car."

The reason for the frame is he uses those as pockets or cubbies for storage under the flat face. Plus you can load weight on it if camping or hauling items.


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Thanks for the mention @StorableComa !
Don't get the point of using a bunch of MDF/plywood. Whole point is to reduce weight. Can't sit on the surface either way.
Sounds like he needs a rear seat delete delete to free up some of that 27.6 lbs ;)
I didn't remove my rear seat for weight savings. I did it to increase the utility of the car. The GTI has a payload capacity of over 900 lbs. My platform will support that. Of course, I won't put a single large, heavy object in the car. I don't want to risk damaging the bumper if something slips. I have a trailer for those kinds of loads. But the rear seat delete is good for moving cargo that I want to keep flat, such as three kennels on a recent 7400-mile trip. Truth be told, I didn't use the "delete" for that trip because I needed the back seat for a passenger in CA. Instead, I built a platform to level the kennels over the slanted seat back.

With that said, I removed the rear seat delete because of the additional road noise and because I didn't like that a small object in the trunk will slide all over the place and eventually wind up in the well behind a front seat. The rear seat back is a great partition. I keep the "delete" in storage in case I want to maximize my interior function again someday. In the mean time, if I need a flat cargo floor without pulling a trailer, I learned that the seat back will fold completely flat if I remove only the rear seat cushion. That's faster, easier, and satisfies my cargo needs 99% of the time.