Rear license plate screw size

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Good find. In the "old" days I used a toothpick or the aforementioned twist tie after they were invented. :)

I liked the idea of the twist ties. I tried it but the screws ended up cutting the wire or wasnt snug enough.

The product I bought works like a charm. Bend it in half and it hooks securely in place in the hole. The textured surface really grips the screw also.

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The license plate screws used on the rear plate of my '21 GTI appear to be VW OEM parts per Internet photo seen below. I haven't had time to shop for a suitable frame and don't want the license plate to scratch my paint in the interim. I bought some rubber grommets at Lowes to stand the plate off from my paint, so wanted slightly longer screws. After a lot of messing around in stores today, I find that the VW screws are 8 x 1/2 Washer Head, Phillips, Black. I bought a pack of 8 x 3/4 Pan Head, Phillips, Black Chromate at Lowes and they thread in the existing holes very well. I like the washer head look, so may seek some black washers.