Rear Bumper Lower Diffuser Panel - GTD / TSi

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Genuine VW part reference 5G6807568E9B9 only fitted for a few weeks so in as-new condition. GTD sadly going hence sale. Was around £100 new.
The rear diffuser allows the installation of tow-bars, both permanent and detachable, without having to attempt any cutting to the original trim which is curved and not stepped like this item.
Hopefully you can see that when used with detachable tow-bars the opening is invisible with this trim fitted.
I got some funny looks from at my local dealer when I groped underneath a new Golf to find that they now come with this aperture as standard - left open without any cover plate. This was used on a late 2016 GTD but I gather that it also suits TSi variants as they have twin pipes to the left hand side of the car - so this is definitely not suitable for GTi. It will work with single-pipe models too but may look slightly "gappy" around the single exhaust.

Asking price £50.00

I also have a detachable towbar for sale in a separate advert.

If you have any questions please get in touch. Thanks for looking!


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