Rear Brake Hose/Line for PP and Non-PP GTI: Are they the same or same length and connectors?


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I'm trying to get stainless brake lines for my NAR PP GTI (manual parking brake) and I'm getting all kinds of conflicting info regarding the rear brake lines (the fronts are the same for both). Some places are telling me they are the same for both PP and non-PP, but other places have separate part #s for their PP and non-PP brake line kits. Wondering if they are actually different or a case like BMS where they separate the JB1/4 to different groups only for tracking purposes, but otherwise exactly the same product.

I looked up the VW part #s and they are similar, but slightly different...
PP: 5QM611775D
Non-PP: 5Q611775L
In their diagrams, they look the same, but there's no specs/dimensions to compare. I looked up the Golf R with 310mm rear brakes that are same size as GTI PP, but as the R has EPB, the diagram for those rear brake lines are completely different and have a slightly different part # (5WA611775).

Anyone worked on both and/or know for sure?