Questions on aftermarket exhaust and installation (AWE)


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Petoskey, MI
Hey all, just picked up a 2016 DSG Golf R, and I miss the extra growl that came from my 2009 GTI with a Driver's Gear cat-back exhaust installed.

I bought the GTI with the exhaust already installed, so I am not really familiar with the upgrade process.

I am looking at the AWE Tuning Mk7 Golf R SwitchPath™ Exhaust with Chrome Silver Tips, 90mm and AWE Tuning Performance Downpipe - Resonated. Here is a video:
and the product website: Questions:

  1. What should I do with the stock exhaust? Is there any value to it in resale?
  2. Should a Euro-specific tuner shop install it, or should any decent repair shop be able to handle the job?
  3. Any recommended shops in northern to middle Michigan?
  4. What would one expect to pay for installation of downpipe+exhaust?
  5. Anything else I should know or be aware of regarding aftermarket exhaust?
  6. Is reputable? They are the cheapest I found the exhaust/DP for at $2,603.40 shipped.
Thanks in advance!