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Several of us enjoy helping fellow forum members, but I feel like a lot of time gets wasted and in turn unnecessary arguments get started do to lack of etiquette in the original post.

So in an effort to help both the person needing advice & the people helping here’s a little friendly advice on structuring a new thread.


Make it short and to the point.

Going full YouTube click bait vague or dictionary specific two miles long aren’t good ways to go about it.

Also, since it’s 2020 and these cars are now up to five years old in the United States there’s a good chance your question has already been answered. No, the search function isn’t the best here, but simply type “ ***subject in question goes here***” and you’ll find several different threads in most cases.

Original Post:

Be CLEAR about what you have and what you’re asking. Go back and re read what you wrote and make sure it makes sense!

There are thousands of members here, and chances are we have absolutely no clue who you are or what you drive.

Every original thread post should include:

-Year, transmission, and model of your car

-what exactly is the issue or potential mod you’d like to know about.

-What climate are you in? For example, just asking “what tires are best” without adding where you’ll be driving, what type of driving (commuter, race car, little of both?)

-Budget. If you’re flat broke and need to Jimmy rig something, but just flat out ask what you should do. As far as we’re concerned you’re asking for the best solution (not the best solution that can be had for next to nothing)

This thread is in no way aimed at anyone, just something I should’ve wrote back in 2011 when I first joined these forums. Let US help YOU make this the best place to share information. I’ll be editing this based on good advice and suggestions.
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Good thread Jake...maybe this should be a "start here" sticky thread at the top, but I'm pretty sure most newbies don't even look at that stuff. I haven't gotten any new volunteers in my thread for where you live/equipment you a long time.


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Should I trade my 3 day old Gti for an R?!?!

0% interest on a $60,000 loan for a $38,000 car is TOO good to pass up
I cringe so hard when someone that has spent 10k modding their car complains that he has to refinance the car now that the 3 year lease is up. Never spend money on something you dont own or cant afford


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What octane should i use? cap says 87 but 93 feels faster

Off limits subjects for new posts:

Oil type/brand
Fuel Octane
"Does JB4 void my warranty"
"Which exhaust sounds best?"
"what is this clicking sound?"
"I am new and searched around but couldnt find my answer" *asks a question that has been answered 4000 times*
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