Question about Reading Lights - something wrong?


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The front roof switch panel that controls the lights/sunroof etc. has 3 switches for controlling the lights.

1. Has a bulb logo and switches all lights in the cabin on.
2. Angled towards passenger logo - switches on passenger side light
3. Rear bulb logo - switches on the rear reading lights.

As per the manual it says that the 1st switch should only switch on the front lights.

Am I the only one for whom all the lights come on or is this the same for everyone?

Would love if all the damn lights wouldn't come on when all I need is a little light on my side (driver). :mad:


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Just be lucky you don't have an estate like me.............4 switch's in the front & two in the rear..........the status of each switch changes from on to of when the other switch is in the wrong position which is why they is no correct on or off position..........& yes the switch you mention does switch on all lights...........daft I know, just haven't figured out the correct combination to get it to go off with just the drivers side on!