Question about color of used DSG Fluid after 40k, stg 1 tune


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Hi everyone. I just DIY'd my DSG fluid change and my spent fluid seemed awfully dark to me, and was hoping to get a second opinion. I bought my car used with 16k miles on the clock. I tuned it with APR stage 1 ECU at approx 20k miles. I do NOT have the APR stage 1 TCU tune, so in sport mode, my car loves to redline before shifting to the next gear,for better or for worst.

I drive the car fairly aggressively, but its also only a daily driver, no track days, autoX, etc. I've never towed with it.

You can see the color of the new fluid in the clear hose, and the spent fluid in the white tub. I have 40k on my ODO when I did this change. The fluid did not have any debris, metal, etc. Thank you!

PS: forgot to mention that when I put the old fluid on a white rag, it did not appear dark coffee brown like it does in the white tub. It looked lighter. But I saved some of this old fluid in a glass jar, and the glass jar looks just as dark as what you're seeing in the white tub. I guess im just concerned if the fluid is burnt or not.

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It’s not burnt. When I changed the manual trans fluid for the second time on my GTI at 60k miles (first time at 30k), I expected it to be lighter as well. But I had the same results as I did at 30k miles, and the same results as you, meaning light on a rag but dark in a container.

The fluid just gets dirty in the transmission case.