Quebster's Built/Ported 2015 GTI S 6MT - The Good, the Bad, and the End


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I think that blowby does and at the same time doesn't make sense. lol. I think if it's blowby, I wouldn't call it excessive, but would call the ventilation inadequate. Why some have the issue and some don't, hard to say. We all know how finicky these motors seem to be. Maybe it's something with my early '14 build. But I don't think <10% leakdown @ 100psi warrants "excessive" blowby in any scenario.

Regardless... nail in the coffin here. I was out doing some logs yesterday and had a turbine blade just break right off. No idea why. I'll scope my cylinders and see if I have pieces of my pistons missing or anything, but one blade breaking and the rest being fine doesn't seem like FOD to me.

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I was struggling to convince myself to give up on the GTI but this seals the deal for me. I've been telling myself if I had to pull the turbo back off, the stock IS20 is going on and I'm not taking it off. So here we are! GG gents
Let me get that bumper


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I'm also curious why all these turbos are snapping one blade??? All the brands.
Yes, it's happening too often across multiple vendors.

Diggs, how the hell did you see that small ass bump? You got fucking hawk eyes?

Quebster, that sucks man! That definitely is the last nail in the coffin. For your sake, your next car should be an NA engine. STAY AWAY FROM TURBOS!!!