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How do you know Ed didn't tell people with initial failures to keep it to themselves until they figure things out. You do realize this is people's livelihood and their products reputation can make or break their business. I'm a part restaurant owner and can feel for these vendors. When we see a bad yelp review for our restaurant we'll contact them and try to figure something out to make things right and ask them to take down the bad review or change it. Should my restaurant be chastised and run out of business for doing so? We are all just trying to make a living.
Because I actually pre-emptively posted about it and personally contacted every potentially affected customer to offer them an exchange or refund. No need to try to silence people when you do this.

-- Ed


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I wanted to stay out of this mess, but I'll respond to this since my company was directly mentioned.

We definitely had some issues early on but it was the way we handled it that kept us going and eventually made our turbos some of the most popular for this platform. When we started seeing too many failures for comfort, we stopped sales to look into the design and see how we could improve it. We also made very public and transparent statements about this at the time. Further, we warrantied every failure and took care of every customer without trying to upsell them on something "new." We even contacted every single customer who received a turbo from a particular batch and offered to replace them pre-emptively regardless if there was any actual issue present. Of course we did this with absolutely no cost to the customer and we kept all information 100% public and transparent without asking our customers to keep quiet. We have since completely revised our bearing system and now enjoy a very low rate of failure. Of course no product is ever perfect, so as always, we continue to take care of any customers who may have issues regardless if it was a product defect, install error, tuning issues, etc, etc. Its a simple recipe.... release a product that performs exceptionally, make changes as needed to suite the wide range of conditions, take care of your customers, and stay honest and transparent about your process including successes and failures.

-- Ed

Dear lord, you killed him.


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So I'm gonna lock this down temporarily. If Navi or TPC have any relevant issues they want to add I will open it back up for discussion. So for about 24 hours everyone calm down and take a deep breath.


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This is juicy. Thanks for posting this, things need to be shown more. The other guy got real quiet when Navi posted some of his pedigree...not to mention he has sponsors and some good ones as well. There’s a reason this was posted and it’s not because he was burned by a company. I can attest to that because he hasn’t gone over other failures with a thread like bilstein. He got shafted here. No pun intended.
Go eqt lol. 30k miles on it and it hasnt destroyed itself. I have my hood cowl, no vent mod and no turbo blanket. is that even possible?! I bet its impossible, according to that flexington lol. Valve cover off the engine looks extremely healthy.
I had one of the early units with an actuator issue but that was resolved.


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agreed. HPA is like the other-APR of the MK6 platform with respect to overall popularity and reliability/quality of products/tunes. I would definitely be comfortable with HPA on my MK7
The day I dropped my car off for my stage 2 project, I saw them working on the 700 hp ByeByeBeetle for SEMA. They’re an awesome bunch of guys and gal!


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Dude when my eqt blew, ed was 100% solution based by wanting to either send another one or refund me without any questions asked. Not once was he like "don't tell anyone". All he cared about was making the customer happy and finding a solution which I appreciated more than anything