Props to the GTI new car smell!


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OK this is a silly thread topic but stay with me here. My wife and I had car leases expire during the pandemic.
She wanted a Jeep, and I wanted another GTI but I decided to buy this time because duh sick deals like 0% percent
financing and 6 months no payments. But that's not the story. These two brand new cars out of the showroom have
entirely different smells. First the Jeep. It smells absolutely awful like a noxious mix of plastic and chemicals. The GTI
smells like a car, with a very faint smell of newness. Fast-forward 3 months later, the GTI still smells like a car
but that faint smell is gone. It now smells like me which means I can't really smell anything that distinct or offensive.
The Jeep still exactly the same. In a word poisonous! It's almost as if It will smell that way for at least another year
unless we just drive 24 hours though the desert with the doors off in full sun. So even with it's faults, every VW I have
ever purchased new in recent years never made me gag with new car smell. That is one thing I really appreciate
them getting right.
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As long as you dont type like a never ending sentance that just goes on and on like that one time weve all been there right where it becomes a black hole into infinity and no grammar checking whatsoever it just makes it so much fun to read and have no idea what the op is getting at

Or when... someone types like this... and you get the feeling of suspense... like they are going somewhere??? But all the extra exclamation points are unwarranted!!! Like seriously wtf???


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The VW does smell nice but I bought a Jeep Renegade a few years ago and didn't notice it smelling bad :unsure: lol
Same for me. Between our new 19 Ram and 16 Gti they smelt the same. That's not even including when we had the used 14 Cherokee that smelt no different


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1+ year in and my GTI still smells brand new. I keep it pretty clean--vacuum, touch up every couple of months, Chemical Guys "New Car Smell" spritz maybe once/month. I actually don't put the windows or sunroof down very often, and I installed an ionizer air freshener doohicky in the 12V slot. ...not sure if it actually works or not, but hey, new car smell still. 1 year later. It doesn't get much traffic inside beyond myself, though, no pets, refuse eating inside and nearly all drinking (except coffee on the long inter-state hauls, 2x per year).

Historically, I've lasted about 3-4 months trying to keep a car clean, then it goes all to shit. Granted, they are always used cars with a few issues to begin with and this, being my first (and probably last!) new car purchase, the cost + actual newness + self loathing of actually being dumb enough to buy a new car...well, I feel committed to keeping it in shape. And no, not even leasing it.