Proper power folding mirrors?


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2016 Golf R
Hi there,

After much research it appears that if I want to retain my blind spot system I need the Euro mirrors but I do not know where to find them. I checked E-acca and Cars 245 but their descriptions are lacking. I don't know which one will have everything I want which is:

Fits 2016 Golf R (Canadian)
Power folds
Retains Blind spot
Mirror dip with memory
Puddle lights
plug and play with OBD 11 programming.
A few extra door clips (I guess they break easy)
The extra VW mirror switch

Sorry I was unable to find this information clearly enough to order knowing I will get the right part.
Thank you!


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Keep in mind part numbers change and availability changes as they make revisions. Those sites are basically order by part number so you're not going to find great descriptions or much help.

I believe the most recent euro mirror assemblies with BSM (blind spot monitoring) are 5G1857508FH9B9 and 5G1857507DM9B9 (you can double check by just googling the individual part numbers of making sure what you want is the result). The switch is 5G0959565AGICX, and the door clips are 7L6868243. I'm not responsible if they're wrong but should set you off in the right direction. The exact part numbers I ordered for my 2017 R was 5G1857508EN9B9 and 5G1857507DG9B9 but that was years ago so they've probably been updated by now.

Definitely get a bunch of door clips I broke like 3 and I was careful lol. It's fairly easy but a PITA so takes a while if you're careful. Keep in mind the assemblies do not include the glass or the cap, so you'll need to move those over. If you want the euro curved glass or if you want the dynamic mirror turn signals nows the time to order and install it. Way easier to install the turn signals when the assemblies are off the car haha. The curved glass (with BSM) part numbers are 5G0857521M and 5G0857522M.

Another e-acca tip is you can email Natalja at she's very helpful, while they're not responsible for any mistakes she's helped me track down some part numbers before when I've had trouble.

see: for more info


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If you're getting genuine VW mirrors, most do what you're asking, but make sure the versions you get are for the Drivers Assistance Package if that's how your R is equipped. You can get them from Deutsche Auto Parts: . I'm sure that DAP carries the extra clips for you as well (I had no problem with breakage when installing mine)--they have quite good customer service.

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e-Acca would be the way to go if you want to save some money and do not have to have them in your hands in 3 days.

The mirrors, switch and a handful of spare clips ecsta listed above are ~$357 plus shipping - figure $40 FedEx, so right around $400 possibly less, depends on the FedEx cost. The ShopDap kit is $500 for the same parts minus the clips. You could probably have them in your hands from e-Acca in under 2 weeks if you use FedEx shipping (the main delay with e-Acca would be the wait for them to get them in stock from their distributor).

This is my order from e-Acca back in September 2017 - prices are just about the same 3 years later although the part numbers have changed since then.

5G1857508EN9B9 156.90 USD
5G1857507DG9B9 156.90 USD
5G0959565AGICX 29.23 USD
7L6868243 0.48 USD each