Project MVRK7 GTI


Ready to race!
Super excited to document this project..
Back story.

Been a long time fan of GTI's. Originally had a Stage 2 2013 GTI with tons of mods.

Ended up selling it and got an automatic 2015 Mazda 3. Biggest regret of my life.

After all the late nights of researching, I finally decided to commit to buying a salvaged MK7 GTI. With the help of a friend, I purchased a 6 speed 2016 GTI SE w/ PP and LP. Recently, I purchased all the missing parts and have gradually begun the process of rebuilding. I'll soon be finishing the repairs all together! I hope to finish before or by the beginning of December. I do plan on getting this GTI onto Stage 2 again!

*spot my cat hehe*
also.. purchased a customized plate! The car will forsure be up and going before this arrives since the DMV always takes forever.. lol

Stay tuned. :)


Ready to race!
It's been a while since I've updated this blog post but as you can see you, I installed the euro led tail lights from BEC with the dynamic turn signals. boy it was a pain to install! Also got my custom plates today after 5 and a half months.. ahah and also got a CTS catless turbo back exhaust installed the previous day. Sounds so nice when you step on it! Will also get a tune in the future to get rid of that CEL lol.

Now, currently waiting on a set of cone seat wheel bolts for the new wheels and H&R coilovers installation