Pro-Tuning: DSG Support for is38 Turbo. Is it something to consider?


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So I have a is38 turbo from CTS Turbo that I plan on installing later next month in April. Like any other turbo upgrade, it requires tuning software in order to make the car run and drive properly. The tuner I'm using is Stratified Automotive and they have DSG Support through the COBB accessport. I'm aware that the MK7 or facelift MK7 requires tuning for both the ECU and the DSG transmission. Main question is the DSG tune meant for like daily driving? I mainly put my car into "manual mode" for Autox and I use the OTS DSG tunes from COBB with for daily driving. Anything information is appreciated!


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There are torque limits within the DSG that will need to be raised. That's the minimum requirement to support your newfound power. A lot of tuners will perform additional changes to their DSG tune based on what they perceive to be lacking in the stock tune, i.e. shift points (upshift and downshift) are often changed as well, among other items. You should have no issues at all daily driving on the Stratified DSG tune. I bet you'll find you prefer it to the Cobb DSG tune.