Preventative Maintenance Injector Replacement


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You can search for all the "compatible" part #s, revised or not and shop around. Google shopping does a decent job at finding national dealers with good prices. Both VW and Audi dealers work.

With some searching you can find new, original ones for under $100 each. Sometimes tax free and shipping as well. As long as you don't mix, even revised parts#s will flow to spec. So long as MY is correct.


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No idea, and that’s the price for the OEM part. The OE part they have listed is different part number and is OOS but is still $179.

The injector has been revised a few times… I’d want to make sure whatever it is before it was stamped with an expensive VW logo is the Bosch part. Evidently the Continental injectors found in many of the 7.5 models are dogshit.
They swapped over to the Continentals on the 2019+ cars. As it looks like you are already aware you won't need to worry about the Conti injectors with a '17/mk7, but completely understand wanting to be absolutely sure you are getting the Bosch ones. According to EQT they are working on the issue from their end, because those Conti injectors are just getting hammered by so many people running any level of ethanol. My understanding is the Bosch ones from the earlier model cars will most likely work but since the flow characteristics are different it will require some tuning adjustments.


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Besides that race city injector joint, anyone have experience with DI rebuilders? My '19 had the exact same issue with my stock continentals after 25k and I had them replaced with the latest TTS/S3 p/n. Think I might send the crappy stock ones out and see if anyone will put a more ethanol-friendly seal on them.