Picking up a beater/daily driver.

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I'm a pretty big advocate of daily driving your mk7. Just food for thought:

It's going to depreciate nearly the same at 5k miles a year as 30k.

It's not rare. So if it's totaled they'll just replace it.

Gets the same or better mileage than your beater options.

You'd spend $2500-5000 on the beater, plus maintenance and insurance...far more than even 60,000 mile per year depreciation on the R would add up to

Won't be as fun as the R

Won't have any of the comforts or safety features

The list goes on and on. I could see if the R were an M2, a 1969 Hemi cuda, or a Ducati...but it's just a mk7. While it's the best of the mk7, it's still a daily driver in its purest forum. A practical, refined, hatchback

Totally agree. Same thing in the subaru world. These guys put away their 28k WRX for winter to drive a 2k beater, like the car is special. OP in this situation does have a car that at stage 3 probably isn't suited for a daily anymore. He already bought the car, but If I was doing stage 3 mods, then I would lease a civic/elantra/corolla/golf etc for 189 a month and call it a day.


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I don't want a Honda or Toyota. If I had wanted a Honda or Toyota, this thread wouldn't be here.

'nuff said.