Passat CC seat swap.


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moncton, NB
I picked up a set of front seats from an 09 CC. I was able to connect a battery to the parts car, moved the seats ahead and back to remove the 4 bolts. I cut the harness from the parts car and saved the plug/pigtails.

I can connect power to the passenger seat, red/green+brown and enable the power seat functions.
Problem: When I connected power to the driver seat... Nothing.

The driver seat has 3 setting Memory function. And Can-Bus connection for the Memory Mirror/Seat compatability.
I assume that I cant enable the power seat functions without having the CANBUS connected.

My current mk7 sportwagen has no provision for canbus connection at the seat. Has anyone figured this one out?

I am able to swap over the heater elements/airbag/seatbelt components from my old seat to this CC seat, but the power functions got me stumped.
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