P029900 2020 GTI COBB Stg1 93 tune


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2020 GTI
Good morning, I recently tuned my GTI with COBB stage 1 93 octane and DSG tune. The car runs great, but 2 days ago as I was leaving work and getting on the merge ramp I had to step on it to get ahead a pick up with a trailer dropping rocks all over the highway. At the top of 3rd gear the EPC came up and the car went to limp mode. I got off the highway and turn off the car, turn it back on, no more EPC and cleared the code with my OBDEleven. Can this happen because the car was slightly cold? The operating temp was the norm I get most of the time, between 94-95 degrees C. IAT seems extremely high, outside temp was around 90 F. I am going to plug the AP to monitor those as soon as I get the magnets for a custom mount. My other concern is that the intake hose that I bought from overseas might be cavitating. I have used plenty of hoses like this before and never had an issue, the last one was on a turbo LS1, but I was only running 8psi. I am running a Chinese 68mm turbo inlet with OEM box with the snow guard removed and K&N drop in filter.
Turbo Inlet.JPG

fault1.PNG fault2.PNG