Official DIY TTRS Clutch Kit


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Hey guys,

I've been pretty hesitate to post this, but like with the MK6 guys, people will find out sooner or later. This will be a thread dedicated to the part list for the DIY TTRS Clutch Kit. For those of you who don't know (and I'll use the word "similar" loosely) the kits from RSR and Haus of Dub are very very "similar" to this one. They are all based of TTRS pressure plate. So again I don't want to spell it out, but I'll just say this kit will be very "similar" to the RSR + Haus of Dub kits.

Here's the part list of what you will need:

1. Part #1878005146 or #03G141031T (1) $99

2. Part #07K141015BX (1) $355.35

3. Part #N90847002 (3) 3x.99= $2.98

4. Part #N90320701 (6) 6x.74= $2.22

5. (Optional Throw-out Bearing) Part #0A5141671 (1) $75.99

Total Without TOB: 459.55
Total With TOB: $535.54

Now keep in mind a couple things:
-You will need to enlarge a hole to fit the metal aligning dowels. You can do this many ways, and it's not a huge deal to be perfectly precise.
-These were reported by a MK7 Golf R user and but it has been confirmed to work on a GTI. That being said it's the same transmission, and the same engine etc so there's no reason it shouldn't work.
-There is still value to getting the real RSR and Haus of Dub kit. If something goes wrong generally you will have the full company support, which can be worth it to some.
-This is the same as the DIY RSR kit on the MK6 except I put in the MK7 hardware.
-The hardware parts were reported by a user on the MK7 Facebook group but I have looked it over and things check out.

*EDIT* I've gotten a lot of question as to why there's two clutch disks. This is because the one that comes with the pressure plate has the wrong spline count. Therefore you cannot use it. Unfortunately, they only sell the pressure plate along with that flywheel, hence why you have to buy another clutch disk that fits.

Here is a full DIY of this kit, isntalled: Courtesy of DAP

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Yes I genuinely do haha. Whether it be yours or mine first, I want to be there for it to see whether it's worth it to DIY the job.

I have no idea how to change the clutch on a car, if I get the race ramps and and engine lift I'm sure its possible.


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It's simple.. Hardest part is removing and installing the transmission on most cars, IMO. I have done a ton of them solo tho on my driveway with jack stands.

I'd like to upgrade my clutch, but with no hint of slip yet I'm going to ride it out. I generally baby mine 99% of the time so I could probably get a couple years at least out of it.. Or that's what I'm telling myself haha


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Disconnect shifter cables, disconnect axles, disconnect clutch line, support motor in a manor that allows you to tilt the assembly toward the drivers side, disconnect trans mount, disconnect torque mount, disconnect or loosen motor mount (depending on the degree of tilt the mount allows you), remove trans to motor bolts, slide trans out, replace clutch, put shit back together, and finally bleed clutch.
That's the general procedure for FWD setups.


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What about the pressure plate from the TTRS? Will that work as well?


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When i click the link for item #2 on the list it seems to say it's the PP and Disc, is this true? So if you order #2 , #1 on the list would not be required?

I believe the disk in #1 is stronger than the disk in #2, which is why you want that one (The one that's comparable to RSR). I'll give them a call when I get a chance to confirm.

It indeed is. The part number is the same so it looks like that will work. So basically you can now get an DIY RSR kit for $450 lol.