Official Deep Black Pearl GTI / Golf Thread


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What’s up guys! Just recently picked up this 2015 GTI and got the windows tinted last week. [emoji41]

Nice, I picked up a 2015 last November.

Love it.

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I need help with modifications

First off I need to start off by saying that I am a high school student, so I’m looking at mods on the cheapER side of the spectrum.

I have a 2017 black GTI 4-door manual.
Here’s a list of what I want to do to the car and what I’m thinking of buying:

Wheels: I like the look of charcoal wheels on black cars, but I also like the gray-ish wheels with a chrome lip. I’m open to suggestions here although I definitely won’t be buying a set of BBS’s or HRE’s. I’m looking more towards off brand wheels here. I don’t want to spend over 1k on wheels. I want a more aggressive setup so I have been looking at 18x8.5s and 19x8.5s.

Suspension/fitment: Looking at lowering springs here due to the price of coil overs. Would love feedback on products to look into and products to avoid. I want the car to lose a couple inches, but I don’t want it tucked or anything. I just think the car sits too high stock. Also want spacers but I’m not sure what size to get.

Exhaust: This is a very complicated area for me because my parents automatically think getting an exhaust means making the car as loud as possible. I’m looking at the Clubsport S muffler as I’ve heard it sounds like the US exhaust when at low revs but is louder once you get on it, and my parents will like the fact that it’s a VW part, not aftermarket.

Lights: Definitely want the mk7.5 euro style tails, and I like the euro style heads too. If anyone could suggest a high quality aftermarket brand that sells these styles for less than the manufacture that would be great.
Tune: I want a tune somewhere down the road, but I have no experience with tuning outside of video games so I’m looking for more of a plug-and-play tune. Other than that, I have no clue what I’m doing in this field so I’m completely open to suggestions.

Other: as you can tell I’m not trying to go over the top with my car as I’m a student and it’s still my daily, but feel free to recommend any cheap mods that you thought worked well on your car.