OEM Splash Guards for ANY MQB Golf/Variant


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Not sure if this is new info to anyone, but I haven’t seen these fitted to anything BUT an AllTrack before so here it goes..

TLDR - AllTrack OEM splash guards ‘fit’ all golf models.

So, as some of you may remember, I had a DIY on how to make custom splash guards using OEM ‘cores’ for the MK6 R, as at the time there was no support - OEM or aftermarket. When the MK7 launched I reexamined if the same could be done but alas it could not. Shortly thereafter we saw companies like Rally Armor and RokBloks (sp?) offer up standard flaps with model-specific brackets so cars such as the MK7 R (which again had no OEM option) could be fitted.
FF to not so long ago in the distant past I caught myself staring at an AllTrack in the showroom. I never really looked before but that day I noticed how the splash guards did not mould around the bodywork/paint like on the golf/GTI. I knew the inner wheel wells/fender liners were basically the same across all golf models so.. I bought a set.

Now I will be the first to say these aren’t PERFECT, buuuuuuut I’ll be damned if they don’t work just fine! I fitted them first to a MK7 R. The most glaring deficiency in fitment to me right now are the holes that can be seen. These holes are intended for pushpins to snug them up to the cladding of the Alltrack - I may look at filling the holes with something like JB Weld, but for now this is how they look.

There is some play in the adjustment of the splash guards so your fitment may vary. Another idea I had was to move the rear guards even further in but this will require drilling a couple new holes in the splash guard (not the car). The next deficiency is that the rear splash guard sits away from the paint a few mm - now this may actually be an advantage to some as you. Ever have to worry about rocks and debris getting trapped between the splash guard and your paint. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but it doesn’t offend me.

The fronts are damn near perfect, save for another couple visible holes - but on the fronts I find the holes to be even less obvious and don’t really bother me at all. Even with the R sideskirts which add some additional bulk, the front splash guards are allowed to sit quite flush all along. Both fronts and rears are held on quite firmly. I added a small length (approx 1.5inch) of 3M two-sided tape to the top portion of the front splash guard where it meets the plastic portion of the fender liner along the wheel arch, but I don’t think it was even necessary.

The rears use two existing fender liner screw points, and you have to simply use the supplied hardware and add two more to the lower edge against the lower fender liner. Same goes for the front except the front is shorter in length so only uses one preexisting fender liner screw point.

These are on there solid and will serve their purpose. My only regret is wish I did it sooner!



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this is a great post/find that will be used by many others in the future... todays forum win goes to SK V!