OEM+ Short Shift Assembly - You chose the specs! Front to Back AND Relay lever


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As the title states - I am offering a unique opportunity for someone to get an OEM+ Short Shifter, modified to spec - $120+

What's included
* OEM Custom modified Front to Back (F2B)

I can also supply you with
* OEM Metal Relay or Side to Side lever
* OEM friction piece and pivot bushings for relay lever
* OEM lock washers/circlips

I have assembled and tested several 'kits', for both myself and for friends on both the 5 and 6MTs from MK4s to MK7s

This is a true OEM+ upgrade. The cast lever has a nice weight to it, in fact most everyone prefers the weight of the cast lever when shortened over an aftermarket billet aluminum lever.

I will also be replacing the pin, and relocating it closer to the pivot/fulcrum - YOU GET TO CHOOSE! I personally recommend somewhere between 45 and 55mm. For reference, all the aftermarket levers with two selectable holes have both a 50 and a 40mm setting. I can also do multiple positions to give you an adjustable lever

Based on your preferences for how short you wish to have your throw I will also be hand sculpting the cast lever, then sealing it.

You will get a selectable OEM+ Short Shift Lever based on your input/requirements

I can also provide the metal OEM Relay lever which not only is much more robust and precise vs the newer plastic OEM levers, but it also reduces your side to side movement by about 10% which is perfect in my opinion.

Here is an assembly I just made for a MK7 R

Here is the assembly I had in my MK6 R. (Please note I do not have the shift cable bracket available, nor are the 42DD bushings included - but I can advise you on which ones to get if you choose to go with solid shift bushings as well - I highly recommend the 42DD Bushings!)

I relocated the pin to 48mm from fulcrum in this example

Here's a look at what's involved

Stock MK7 R/GTI Lever

Removing original pin

Sculpting the metal to accommodate the end link and cable with a shorter throw

Checking my distance..

..and my level

Pilot hole carefully drilled


for comparison - OEM MK7 Lever originally 69mm pin to fulcrum

tapping hole for new pin

I've retained the ability to return new pin to original location if desired.

test fit of new pin - perfect! (not all the way down in this pic)

more sculpting

Adding a personal touch to my new lever :D (note - not finished, still have to do some finishing work and paint)

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Damn man

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Here is a finished example of the Front to Back lever - gave it that 'Vintage' feel. I like how some of the finer file marks give it character.

I filled the etched script in with paint, then sanded.. then used a special clear coat for raw metal applications.



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Wow! That's great work. How hard would you say the installation is for someone who has no experience of working on cars?

It's fairly straightforward. I taught a friend who has never done it how to install them.

There are some great videos on how to adjust your shift linkage afterward - it's extremely straightforward and pretty much impossible to mess up if you follow instructions.

It sounds much more daunting than it actually is.


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Just installed mine a few days ago and so far it's been great!!!!!!

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